SOCS 185 Week 3 Personal Case Study on Socioautobiography

SOCS 185 Week 3 Personal Case Study on Socioautobiography

Sociology as a Discipline

Sociology, as defined by Kendall (2018), has various experiences and exposures. On the other hand, culture encompasses the knowledge, language, values, customs, and material objects transmitted between individuals and across generations within a human group or society (Kendall, 2018).

In my socio autobiography, I am Breka Brown, born on November 15, 1991. Throughout my life, significant events and influential people have contributed to shaping the person I am today. Father, younger brother, and older sister. Due to both parents’ need to work and provide for our family, I spent a considerable amount of time at my paternal grandmother’s house. According to the study by Danielsbacka and Tanzanian (2012), there is a predicted higher level of involvement from paternal grandmothers in their granddaughters’ lives based on genetic relatedness. My Grandma Brown, my paternal grandmother, has been the most influential person in my life. And that women are capable of achieving anything men can.

Despite living alone and being single, she displayed resilience and warmth in her interactions with others. Every year on our birthdays, she would take my siblings and me out to dinner and let us choose a small gift from the dollar store, a tradition we eagerly anticipated. Her deep faith in the Lord, which she passed down to me, is reflected in a children’s prayer we recited every night before bed, our own son. My values are centered on self-respect and the importance of working diligently to attain one’s goals (Kendall, 2018). Growing up, I was taught prescriptive norms such as offering my seat to the elderly, holding doors open for others, and consistently using polite language like “please” and “thank you” (Kendall, 2018). I have instilled these norms in my son, hoping they will continue to be passed down through generations.

SOCS 185 Week 3 Personal Case Study on Socioautobiography

When I turned 16, my father insisted that my siblings and I get jobs to learn responsibility. The family restaurant, which I held for almost five years. As a shy child, being a server helped me come out of my shell. It provided me with agents of socialization, which Kendall (2018) defines as individuals to participate in society. I had regular customers and families who asked to be seated in my section. This made me feel honored and significantly boosted my self-confidence. Even now, I occasionally visit the restaurant and encounter familiar faces who still remember me.

So Alaska with him as he pursued his career in the Army. Although my parents were heartbroken, they supported my choice. A year later, we welcomed our son Gabriel, who is now five years old. Unfortunately, when Gabriel was 2, his father and I divorced. Going through a divorce was incredibly challenging for both me and my son. Two years ago, we moved back to Ohio, which was a culture shock after being away from friends and family for five years (Kendall, 2018). I had to adjust to the support system and proximity of loved ones, which I sincerely appreciated. Throughout my life, my self-concept has always been centered on becoming a nurse and caring for others (Kendall, 2018). And boyfriend who continually encourage me to pursue my dreams. I consider myself truly blessed, and I believe that the different experiences we go through in life prepare us for our next adventures.


Born on August 4th, 1989, Andy Kissinger had a nurturing mother who stayed home to care for him and his four sisters while his father worked long hours as a salesman to support the family. As a child, Andy bonded with his dad over hunting and fishing, activities that taught him about gender socialization—the specific messages and practices related to being male in a particular society or group (Kendall, 2018, p. 81). Andy, now a father to a 4-year-old son, plans to pass on his love and passion for hunting and fishing to the next generation. These shared experiences create cherished memories and contribute to his son’s socialization process.

SOCS 185 Week 3 Personal Case Study on Socioautobiography

Having graduated from a Christian school, Andy was exposed to specific norms and expectations upheld by his family. The job mowed lawns, instilled a sense of responsibility and contributed to his development through agents of socialization (Kendall, 2018). This early work experience shaped him into the person he is today. Following in his father’s footsteps, Andy pursued a career in sales and has become one of the top performers in his company, attaining a vital status (Kendall, 2018, p. 98).

For Andy, life revolves around cherished moments spent hunting, going on vacation trips, and spending quality time with his loved ones. These experiences and relationships hold great significance for him. Looking ahead, his dream and passion lie in running fishing charters and duck hunting guides off Lake Erie as part of his retirement plan. These pursuits allow him to combine his love for outdoor activities with his desire to provide memorable experiences for others.


Andy and I share several similarities in our upbringing. While we both grew up in homes with moms, dads, and siblings, there are some differences in our family dynamics. Andy’s mother was a stay-at-home mom, whereas my mom had to work. However, despite this difference, we both started working at a young age, which instilled in us a sense of responsibility.

SOCS 185 Week 3 Personal Case Study on Socioautobiography

Another commonality is our shared belief in the importance of faith. We were raised to prioritize our relationship with God and put Him first in our lives. This shared value has shaped our perspectives and actions, influencing our desire to help others and prioritize their happiness above our own. Furthermore, we both have young sons and hold a similar parenting philosophy. We strive to teach our children others. Our experiences as parents have taught us the significance of instilling these principles in our sons’ lives.

Additionally, we have both gone through divorces after being married for five years. While divorce is a challenging experience, it has provided us with valuable lessons and insights. We nurture a healthy and successful relationship, setting a positive example for our boys. And those who marry later in life are at a comparatively low risk of divorce (Kennedy & Ruggles, 2014).

Andy has had a positive influence on me; try new things like sushi and duck. He has been a supportive presence in my son’s life and mine, and I hope him. We strive to create a nurturing and fulfilling relationship built on shared values, mutual respect, and personal growth.


In conclusion, everyone has a unique life story shaped by their experiences and challenges. Relationships can be complex and demanding due to each person’s diverse backgrounds and personal journeys. However, through these individual experiences and obstacles, we grow and develop, preparing us for the next chapter of our lives. Ultimately, we are all human beings who contribute to the interconnectedness and functioning of the world. When woven together, our individual stories create the tapestry of human existence.


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