SOCS 185 Courage in the Face of Groupthink - A Life-Saving Decision

SOCS 185 Courage in the Face of Groupthink - A Life-Saving Decision


In this article, we will explore a real-life incident that highlights the concept of groupthink and how it can influence decision-making within cohesive groups. The story revolves around a situation on the expressway where the actions of two individuals defied the constraints of groupthink, ultimately leading to the rescue of a person in need. This tale exemplifies the power of individual conviction and the importance of challenging collective conformity for the greater good.

The Incident on I-94:

Two years ago, during the late hours of the night, the author and their cousin were driving along I-94 when they noticed a vehicle on its side emitting smoke. The expressway was deserted, amplifying the urgency of the situation. They cautiously approached the car and prayed that no one was trapped inside. While passing by, they attempted to glimpse the interior but did not obtain a clear view. However, an inexplicable feeling welled up inside the author, compelling them to turn back and provide assistance. Their cousin, initially hesitant, expressed reservations about the endeavor.

SOCS 185 Courage in the Face of Groupthink – A Life-Saving Decision

Individual Conviction in the Face of Adversity:

Having recently become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), the author felt a profound sense of duty to aid anyone in danger. They posed a thought-provoking question to persuade their cousin: “What would you want a stranger to do if you were in that situation?” Though still uneasy, the cousin agreed to the risky decision. Despite the potential dangers, they made a U-turn in the middle of the expressway, putting their lives at stake.

Rescuing a Stranger:

Upon reaching the flipped vehicle, the author and their cousin saw a man attempting to climb out of the trunk. A sense of urgency enveloped them as they grappled with the best approach to extract him. Aware of the potential risks associated with smoke and fire, they recognized the importance of swift action. Overcoming their fears, they successfully pulled the victim from the car and secured him in their vehicle until further help arrived. Reflecting on the incident, the author acknowledges that had either faced the situation alone, the circumstances and inherent risks might have deterred them from extending a helping hand.

SOCS 185 Courage in the Face of Groupthink – A Life-Saving Decision

Challenging Groupthink:

Defying groupthink—is the phenomenon where cohesive groups make decisions that individuals privately perceive as unwise (Kendall, 2018). According to Brown (2018), groupthink can lead to a heightened willingness to take risks collectively that individuals would be less inclined to undertake alone. In this case, the author and their cousin defied the potential influence of groupthink by embracing their convictions and prioritizing the welfare of a stranger over their safety.

The Power of Individual Conviction:

The decision made by the author and their cousin exemplifies the courage to act upon one’s beliefs, even in the face of potential danger and the influence of collective conformity. By questioning the group’s implicit consensus and considering the consequences of inaction, they exemplified the strength of individual conviction. Their actions transcended the barriers imposed by groupthink, leading to a positive outcome.


The incident on I-94 is a powerful reminder of the significance of individual conviction and the potential consequences of groupthink. The author and their cousin’s decision to rescue a needy person defied the social pressures that often hinder particular actions. Their unwavering belief in helping others prevailed, resulting in a successful rescue operation. This story emphasizes the importance of challenging group dynamics when necessary and demonstrates how individual courage can inspire positive change. Stepping outside the bounds of collective conformity can lead to heroic acts that make a lasting impact.


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