SOCI 1001 Week 4 Assignement Connections

SOCI 1001 Week 4 Assignement Connections


This is a relationship between my mama and stepfather going through their coming piecemeal stages. What communication issues I saw and the emotional intelligence of the people involved. The obstacles of effective listening that play a part in the breakdown of the relationship and what advice I would give to ameliorate the relationship. My mama was disassociated with four children, all girls. She met a man and shortly after that married him. She didn’t want to raise four children alone and wanted to have someone to help give for her and her children. They married and we moved to a small city called Mt. Morris. The coming piecemeal stages of their relationship started also. My step- father no way sounded happy.

SOCI 1001 Week 4 Assignement Connections

He yelled all the time at my mama and at us. We could no way do anything right. When my mama would try to explain commodity he’d hear, but only with bad listening habits. He only heard what he wanted to hear. Just like ambuscading, harkening people hear precisely and also twist effects to use against the other person or in ways that are more suited for them( June 2019). He was a veritably emotional and physically vituperative person, but my mama stayed with him. When we were all grown and moved out, she also left him. He prayed her to come back. By this time effects had changed, he’d come a forefather and wasn’t the same person. He wasn’t vituperative; it was like a completely different person. My mama took him back indeed though she had an affair while with him. She had entered a heritage and she had also changed. She was now the oral one, not relatively as mean, but not nice like a man and woman should be to each other.

They lived together but had separate bedrooms. The emotional intelligence of the people involved affects the status of the relationship. My mama didn’t show emotional intelligence ever. I don’t mean this to sound harsh, but she was raised not to show emotion. I’ve only seen her cry three times in 49 times (which is my age). I can flash back every one easily. Else, she just didn’t show us this weeping, always saying I love you, and pretending happiness and/ or love. Still, when she was nervous, she would smile or laugh a little which to me was weird. My step- father didn’t have any emotional intelligence which affected the relationship greatly. He’d no tone- mindfulness, tone- regulations, provocation, social chops, and he surely didn’t have any empathy. The two people didn’t know how to communicate with each other. It was like a guessing game. I’m not sure they every really heeded to each other indeed in the morning of the relationship, or latterly on when the places were reversed. Some of the obstacles of effective listening played in the breakdown of this relationship.

SOCI 1001 Week 4 Assignement Connections

These two individualities didn’t hear to what each other were saying, they weren’t supporting their mates with the support that helps us maintain a healthy relationship. I believe if these two individualities would ameliorate on their emotional intelligence it would help to play a part in effective listening. They each need to take responsibility and to apologize when necessary. They need to put themselves in the other persons place to see how and what it feels like. The advice that I would give to ameliorate this relationship. The first thing would be to have them sit down and ask each other for remission for all the terrible and spiteful effects that were said and done. Also they need to put the history behind them and for neither of them to bring it up again. To start fresh like it was their first date.

SOCI 1001 Week 4 Assignement Connections

Sit down and talk and really hear to what the other person is saying. Be open inclined, you don’t have to agree on everything, but not be hypercritical. Perhaps indeed taking a communication or harkening class together would help. If they were still having a hard time with their relationship, they should seek professional comforting to help. Or, if they prefer, speak with their pastor. Occasionally churches have marriage classes. They both need to stay open- inclined and willing to make it work.


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