SOC-H3005 Week 1 Question Reflection

SOC-H3005 Week 1 Question Reflection

Question Reflection

Formulating a final question proved to be a daunting task. I constantly refined my question until I finally settled on one that resonated with me. The catalyst for this inquiry was my father-in-law’s recent knee surgery, which necessitated my assumption of managerial responsibilities on the farm. Having been part of the farm for four years, it felt natural to oversee the employees while my husband attended to other farm-related tasks. 

This fortuitous timing aligned with my honors classes, allowing me to conduct research, evaluate my managerial approach, and identify areas for improvement. It also served as a personal revelation, clarifying the type of manager I aspire to be. Having had negative experiences with previous managers that prompted me to resign, I was determined to ensure that our employees never had to endure such detrimental leadership.

SOC-H3005 Week 1 Question Reflection

This question holds profound significance for me, considering that our employees’ tenure with us is relatively short. Join us for summer internships lasting a few months, while others work with us for one to three years during the school year, depending on their hiring period. Until last year, we relied primarily on recommendations when hiring employees, but we had to outsource and advertise for open positions due to circumstances. 

Consequently, we encountered several instances where employees needed to meet our expectations. The current summer employees are testing my managerial abilities, pushing me to discern what I can effectively handle in this role. It is undoubtedly the most challenging situation, demanding a keen awareness of my limitations and strengths as a manager.

There are various research strategies available to explore. Drawing on my personal experiences is of utmost importance as I strive to avoid emulating the ineffective management styles I encountered in the past. Additionally, incorporating other individuals’ accounts and perspectives on excellent or poor managerial practices will provide valuable insights. 

It is crucial, however, to recognize the wealth of information available in textbooks and scholarly resources, which will undoubtedly enhance my research and understanding of practical managerial approaches.

SOC-H3005 Week 1 Question Reflection

In summary, developing my final question was fraught with uncertainty and introspection. The circumstances surrounding my father-in-law’s surgery propelled me into a managerial role, prompting me to examine my capabilities and aspirations as a leader critically. 

Given the transient nature of our employees’ tenure, I must cultivate a managerial style that promotes their well-being and professional growth. My personal experiences, coupled with the perspectives of others and comprehensive research, will serve as invaluable resources in shaping my understanding and approach to practical management.

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