SOC 102 Topic 6 Mek Tribe Culture Audit

SOC 102 Topic 6 Mek Tribe Culture Audit


Two men, Mark and Olly, visit the Mek lineage, whose traditions have remained the same thousands of times. They’re brought to the position of West Papua to a vill named Marymond. When they arrive, they’re initiated into the lineage by agreeing that they will follow under the chief authority. Through this experience, they will learn the Mek line’s social customs, how material objects affect the outgrowth of marriage, and what kind of guests they demonstrate.

Social Customs

The vill chief, Markus, is the sole decision maker. Before letting Mark and Olly come part of the lineage, they had to agree to fall under his authority. Latterly, Principal Markus explains to Mark and Olly that to come a good member of the Mek lineage, they’ve to follow the customs, which include wearing a penis gourd and carrying a arc. But before they can be tested, well, Chief Marcus explains that to come a man in the Mek lineage, boys have to go through certain trials. These trials include stalking, clearing fields, and erecting homes. Hunting is considered the first trial in getting a Mek man.

SOC 102 Topic 6 Mek Tribe Culture Audit

They use different arrows for different types of creatures. One is used for catcalls another is used for gormandizers and humans. To prove that Mark is a man, he’s tested by Chief Markus to make a frog trap. In doing so, if the Chief is impressed, Mark is one step close to getting a Mek man. The alternate trial in getting a Mek man is clearing fields for civilization. It was one of the most important tasks a Mek man must perform. Opening a new field is an extremely big deal for them. Before they go on their trip of cultivating, they immolate a gormandizer to void the fields of bad spirits.


While the third trial of getting a Mek man wasn’t covered in the videotape, erecting homes for the Mek lineage is a pivotal step in understanding how the Mek lineage lives. But in the end, they don’t know if they’ve done enough to be initiated into the Mek lineage as Mek men.

Material Objects

In the Mek lineage, when a man wants to marry, he has to pay the bridegroom price. The bridegroom price is a minimum of paying the bridegroom’s parents with three gormandizers and other immolations. Meeting the bridegroom price is significant for a Mek man to meet to show that he can go to his bridegroom. If he can’t meet these prospects, he’ll be laughed at and experience shame.


SOC 102 Topic 6 Mek Tribe Culture Audit

The Mek lineages are nimrods and gatherers who speak their own language and are educated in ethical warfare, ancient rituals, and superstition. They take the trials of getting a Mek man veritably seriously. When Mark and Olly first arrived at the vill, they were resolved up into different groups. Mark with the Wisabols, who are considered the advanced power group. Olly was divided into the Pusob clan, who were considered the group who had lower power and were further poor. The Wisabol clan is the head group that makes all the opinions, indeed, when it comes to dividing food. In the Mek lineage, the women are treated veritably and inadequately. The women are in the fields longer doing further labor, they’re anticipated to bear the solicitations of men, and they’re anticipated to look after the children.

Comparison to Home Life

The Mek lineage life that has been rehearsed for over thousands of times is completely contrary to what I exercise in my home life.


They depend on stalking, clearing out fields, and erecting homes. All of which my family and I do not partake in. Rather than stalking, we buy our meat from the store. We don’t clear our fields, we go to the grocery store for yield, and we rent homes rather than make them. Their social customs are far out from what we consider normal, including their vesture. The Mek line ages are substantially naked, only wearing a penis gourd, and women just covering their genitals as well.

SOC 102 Topic 6 Mek Tribe Culture Audit

In my ménage, we’re completely clothed from top to bottom and wearing shoes when we leave the house. Equality amongst men and women in America is veritably different as well. In American culture, in current society, women can do whatever men can do and vice versa. Marriage situations are extremely different as well. In my family, it’s needed to ask the father in the hand of marriage, but there is no bridegroom price. Just certainty that the son will marry into a loving and safe family.


It’s apparent that the Mek lineage displays a theoretical perspective of structural functionalism. The Mek lineage demonstrates that they move as a complete unit and are interdependent. With the vill only containing 60 people, it’s important that they can perform the task at hand. Still, with the consideration that within the Mek lineage, there are two different groups, the Wisabols being the one with advanced power and the Pusob group being with lower power, it demonstrated that there’s a conflict proposition present with the understanding that there are two different social classes. The Pusob group has to observe anything the Wisabol group says because they have the power and authority. Through Mark and Olly’s experience, they tasted their food, worked in their fields, and followed their customs. Still, they’ve not done enough to be initiated into the Mek lineage.

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