RELG 2001C Week 1 World Religions - Reflections on Globalization and Personal Experiences

RELG 2001C Week 1 World Religions - Reflections on Globalization and Personal Experiences


In this reflection, I will share my views on the videos titled “A Life Purpose,” “Let’s Teach Religion,” and “Science Can Answer Moral Questions.” These videos shed light on various major religions in the world, offering interesting and informative perspectives. Through these discussions, I gained valuable insights into the significance of religion in our lives.

Personal Reflections on “A Life Purpose”:

Rick Warren’s video, “A Life Purpose” from 2006, conveyed meaningful messages that deeply resonated with me. One notable statement was Warren’s observation that “spiritual emptiness is a universal disease.” This resonated with the idea that people often get caught up in their daily routines without pausing to reflect on the purpose of their lives. Warren emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, urging individuals to recognize their own shortcomings and seek solutions beyond the mundane aspects of existence. According to Warren, each individual holds significance within the universe, and it is our responsibility to find the right path and fulfill our purpose as children of God. RELG 2001C Week 1 World Religions – Reflections on Globalization and Personal Experiences

Globalization of Communication and its Impact on Religion as Culture:

The globalization of communication has significantly impacted how we perceive religion as an integral part of culture. With the ease of travel and interconnectivity, people from different countries and cultures interact and share their beliefs. As an example, my own family’s migration from India to North America has exposed me to a multicultural experience. I have inherited both Indian and American cultural elements, which have contributed to a well-rounded perspective. 

RELG 2001C Week 1 World Religions – Reflections on Globalization and Personal Experiences

This blend of cultures has provided me with a deeper understanding of three major religions: Christianity, Hinduism, and Sikhism. For instance, I participate in Diwali celebrations in November, a religious festival of lights observed in Hinduism and Sikhism. Similarly, I celebrate Christmas in December, engaging in family gatherings and prayers. These experiences highlight the parallelism between cultures and religions, demonstrating the impact of global communication on our understanding of religious practices.

Challenges to Traditional Religious Thinking in Personal Life:

Throughout my life, several events have challenged my traditional views on religion. During my childhood, I questioned why my friends attended church or temple while I had the freedom to explore different religious places of worship. However, as I matured, I realized that my parents had provided me with an invaluable opportunity to understand and experience diverse religions. This exposure allowed me to connect the three pillars of belief, religion, and institution. For instance, in Hinduism, cows are considered sacred, and the belief in not harming or consuming beef is deeply rooted in religious rituals and institutional practices. Such connections between belief, rituals, and institutions form the foundation of religious systems worldwide.

Videos’ Relevance to Personal Religious Identity:

The ideas presented in the videos align with my own religious identity in various ways. Personal experiences shape one’s religious identity, and the values of honesty, truthfulness, and respect are instilled during childhood through religious teachings and social stories. These character traits build a strong foundation, enabling individuals to succeed in their careers, social interactions, and family lives. 

RELG 2001C Week 1 World Religions – Reflections on Globalization and Personal Experiences

I resonate with Dan Dennett’s proposal that education should include world religion as a subject, alongside traditional subjects like reading, writing, and mathematics. In my own upbringing, I was fortunate to have been exposed to different cultures, traditions, and religions from an early age. This cultural globalization within my family has enriched our lives, fostering positive interactions and providing us with a broader perspective on multiculturalism.


The videos I watched on religion have deepened my understanding of various faiths and their role in shaping individuals’ lives. They have also highlighted the impact of globalization on religious practices and cultural perspectives. Through personal experiences, I have encountered challenges to traditional ways of thinking about religion, ultimately leading to a more nuanced understanding of belief systems. I believe that incorporating education about different religions and traditions into the curriculum can provide individuals with the freedom to choose their own faith and foster a more inclusive society. Cultural globalization within my family has strengthened our bonds and provided us with a wealth of multicultural perspectives, enriching our lives and interactions with others.


“A Life Purpose” (2006) by Rick Warren

“Let’s Teach Religion – All Religions in School” (2006) by Dan Dennett

“Science Can Answer Moral Questions” (2010) by Sam Harris

Kurtz, L.R. (2016). Gods in the Global Village: The World’s Religions in Sociological Perspective (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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