PSYCH 645 Assignment 6 Game of Thrones: Personality Theories

PSYCH 645 Assignment 6 Game of Thrones: Personality Theories

Game of Thrones: Personality Theory

Game of Thrones continues to captivate audiences well into its eighth season. Tyrion Lannister is by far one of the most intriguing characters, and he is one of the few characters who has made it through the entire show so far. What he needs actual ability, he compensates for emphatically in knowledge, which assists him with beating difficult hindrances. Having kept away from death in a few events by utilizing prevalent knowledge, he keeps on using his abilities to acquire a benefit in circumstances he experiences. The Five-Factor Model, Freud, and Tyrion’s personality will be examined in the following section. 

Character Development 

Tyrion Lannister was the third child born to Lord Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock and his wife, Joanna, the wealthiest family in Westeros. His mom kicked the bucket bringing forth him, and Tyrion is detested by his dad and his more seasoned siblings accordingly. He was also a dwarf from birth, which gave him the name “the Imp.” He often says that if he had been born into a normal family, the culture of his time would have killed him as a baby. 

Tyrion’s existence is overshadowed by the success of his older siblings, in addition to his small stature and his mother’s death. His more established sister, Cersei, turns into the sovereign through marriage and her twin sibling, Jaime, turns into the skipper of the lord’s watchman.

PSYCH 645 Assignment 6 Game of Thrones: Personality Theories

Ailing in actual height, Tyrion remunerates by fostering his knowledge. “A brain needs books like a sword needs a whetstone in the event that it is to keep its edge. That’s why I read so much, “Benioff and Van Patten (2011) say. He likewise is known for weighty drinking and investing a lot of his energy in houses of ill-repute, which is additionally a wellspring of hatred for his loved ones. Tyrion frequently involves his insight for getting to be aware and figure out others. I try to get to know as many people as possible.

No one can tell which one you’ll require.” (Episode 2 of Season 3: Words and Dark Wings) A considerable lot of his endeavors to comprehend individuals bring about aiding them. He uses humor and sarcasm to try to do the right thing while also doing what he thinks is right. 

He is forced to serve as the king’s hand and fight in the royal army throughout his story. He hires Shay, a prostitute, to distract him from his impending death on the eve of his first battle, believing he will die. He endures this difficulty and falls head over heels for Shae. She follows him back to his home at King’s Landing because he is at risk of his father killing him because he brought a prostitute into the palace. Accepting such Shay’s reality is in harm’s way, he drives her away from the city. He mocks her profession and asserts that he has never truly cared for her when she refuses to leave. Tyrion is compelled by his father to wed Sansa Stark, heir to the northern kingdom, during this time so that he can assume leadership of the northern kingdom. Sansa is minimal in excess of a youngster and, while he was constrained into wedding her, Tyrion keeps a dispassionate relationship with her. 

PSYCH 645 Assignment 6 Game of Thrones: Personality Theories

In the past, Tyrion was falsely accused of a number of crimes. To avoid being put to death, he demanded a trial by combat in which he selects a champion to fight his accuser to the death. Subsequent to constraining Shae out of his life, Tyrion is blamed for killing his nephew, Lord Joffrey, and Shae fights back against him by vouching for his responsibility at his preliminary. The prosecution is made easier by Tywin, Tyrion’s father, who served as King Joffrey’s primary advisor. Seeing no other option, Tyrion requests one more preliminary battle. His hero loses the fight and Tyrion is condemned to death. He is saved by a friend and escapes the city for the foreign land of Essos before he can be executed. He discovers during his escape that Shae is currently involved with Tywin, his father, and that the two had planned to link Tyrion to Joffrey’s death. Prior to leaving the castle, Tyrion kills his dad and Shae for their treachery. 

He seeks out Daenerys Targaryen, the daughter of a former Westeros king who plans to reclaim the iron throne because he is aware of the leadership’s corruption. Tyrion turns into her central consultant and helps her to get ready for this undertaking. Tyrion follows Daenerys back to Westeros in order to assist her in reclaiming the iron throne. He has worked to recruit additional reinforcements.

Assessment of the Personality Theory: Freud

As per Cervone and Pervin, (2013), Freud accepted that an individual’s activities were impacted by the oblivious and were the consequence of remembering past contentions. Tyrion’s drinking and delight in looking for whores can be credited to the id, which works as indicated by the joy rule. The superego, for Tyrion’s situation, is answerable for his endeavor to use his insight to impact the encounters of others around him. 

PSYCH 645 Assignment 6 Game of Thrones: Personality Theories

His ego strikes a balance between the two, revealing that, despite Tyrion’s best efforts, he is severely constrained by his circumstances, including his dwarfism. He keeps on doing what is fundamental for what he feels is right, while looking for delight where he can, without undermining his qualities for the wellbeing of others. 

Tyrion somewhat satisfies Freud’s concept of the Oedipus complex. While he never knew his mom, he looked to fill his requirement for love and sexual necessities with whores. In the end, he challenges his father’s authority and kills him as a retaliation for the death sentence he gave him and for the way he treated Tyrion poorly and neglected him throughout his life.

Assessment of Character Hypothesis:

Tyrion squeezes into George A. Kelly’s individual researcher representation (Cervone and Pervin, 2013). He is consistently addressing, the thought processes of others as well as his own, as well as, how his activities and choices characterize him personally. 

Tyrion has a few developments to note about himself. He replies, “It’s what I do,” when asked to share an observation. I know things because I drink” (Season 6, Episode 2: Home). He perceives the significance of assuming his knowledge however accepts he is really great for little else. Tyrion likewise exhorts somebody “Always remember what you are. The remainder of the world won’t. Wear it like a shield, and it can never be utilized to hurt you.” (Episode 1 of Season 1: Winter is on the way). Tyrion’s self-concept can be better understood through these constructs. He knows who he is and uses his strengths to benefit himself and others. He also plays on the strengths and desires of others. 

Assessment of the Personality Theory: 

A model with Five Factors. Per the Five-Variable Model, Tyrion can be assessed with the Enormous 5 Character qualities Cervone and Pervin (2013). Because of his self-assurance regarding his intelligence, Tyrion would receive low scores for neuroticism. He resists the urge to panic under tension and seldom capitulates to stress, however, periodically responds on feeling when given especially interesting circumstances including friends and family, or dreading his life. He would have a high extraversion score because he is driven to meet new people and enjoys having conversations.

PSYCH 645 Assignment 6 Game of Thrones: Personality Theories

He would also get a high score for openness because he likes to learn new things, is at ease with new ideas, and comes up with creative ways to solve problems. There are a number of traits in Tyrion that fall on either side of the agreeableness spectrum. He is kind and gentle, but he has a right to be distrustful of other people because he has been around dishonest people in the past. Tyrion has manipulated in order to accomplish his goals while also making enormous sacrifices for the benefit of others.

He has additionally been known to be skeptical and has used manipulative strategies to get himself in the clear. In conclusion, his level of conscientiousness would be moderate. In spite of the fact that he has extraordinary aspirations for learning, he needs inspiration and is frequently consumed with delight in looking for conduct. When Tyrion finds himself in circumstances that necessitate action, he completes tasks and triumphs over obstacles. He prefers to fornicate and drink throughout the day.


To better comprehend human nature, personality theories have been developed. Different strategies exist since none gives a total image of all parts of an individual character all alone. It is fundamental to perceive the advantages and constraints of every hypothesis, as well as, inspect the viable applications. One can practice utilizing these theories for assessment purposes and gain a deeper understanding of the nature of personality development in general by examining the personalities of characters they are familiar with.


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