PSYCH 614 Week 5 Assignment Overcoming Negative Public Relations Disasters

PSYCH 614 Week 5 Assignment Overcoming Negative Public Relations Disasters


The ASTD model is the business proposal training model that I would like to propose. The model I might want to propose will zero in on three primary levels of the organization. The level of the foundation, the level of focus, and the level of execution (Eaton, 2022). American beverage, snack, and food company PepsiCo. It was shaped in 1965 alongside the consolidation of the Pepsi-Cola Organization and Frito-Lay. The company will be in business for 57 years in 2022. The organization has north of 23 brands that have more than $1 billion in deals. Its most well-known contest is Coca-Cola. Starting around 2019, the association utilized 267,000 workers (“About Pepsi Co.”, 2022). Since the company employs a large number of people worldwide, it is essential to avoid negative public relations mishaps.


PepsiCo has been exposed to a negative PR catastrophe involving a particular commercial product. The association sent off a mission featuring Kendall Jenner, an American model, and powerhouse. It showed people protesting important issues like Black Lives Matter and police brutality as they walked down the street. It shows protestors calmly fighting as Jenner is recording a photograph shoot close by. She then appears to be having an enlightening moment, stopping the photoshoot and joining the protesters, which is when things take a turn. She grabs a can of Pepsi and hands it to one of the police officers the protesters cheer happily as she moves through the crowd smiling at them. The public calamity caused a negative ruckus that upheld the conviction that Pepsi Co. was simply attempting to sell its item as opposed to revealing insight into the significant occasions. They depicted the occasions as though everybody needs a Pepsi and all that will get back to business as usual. The target of this proposition is to assist with distinguishing how to defeat the negative public connection circumstance. We must provide training to those who have a strong connection to the company in order to determine ways to overcome it. In order to possibly steer clear of them as a whole, it is crucial to receive training in handling these circumstances.


The project manager, business partner, learning strategist, and professional specialist would be the contacts within the organization who would receive training. Individual accountability, social skills, group processing, and positive interdependence would all be part of the cooperation training for the contacts. When it comes to these aspects of cooperation, each contact needs to be knowledgeable. To find success and compelling while at the same time making novel thoughts for the association, the contacts should know how to be agreeable with each other to accomplish the objectives that they have set. 

PSYCH 614 Week 5 Assignment Overcoming Negative Public Relations Disasters

The preparation of the contacts as far as correspondence would comprise of source, message, climate, and setting. There are issues with the communication elements among the connections, as the public disaster demonstrates. The entire business and its plan made a negative correspondence to clients and watchers, which consequently, made the adverse public catastrophe that we are attempting to viable in survive. The proposal’s solution is to give the organization the training it needs to avoid damaging public disasters in the future. It is hoped that the answer will also pave the way for the overall prevention of negative public disasters in the future.


The reasoning for this arrangement is that it is vital to have them set up on the grounds that they line up with the general motivation behind the preparation model created to support the association’s prosperity. The arrangement could assist the association with conquering any regrettable catastrophes and permit them to keep being successful inside the motivation behind the organization and its occupation as a provider to the clients.


The training would set you back $800 per contact, for a total of $2400. In order to finish the training, contacts will meet on alternate days for eight days. The initial four days will be to prepare the components of collaboration to make powerful participation among the group. The last four days will be spent training the components of communication in order to construct a foundation that is both more stable and more efficient for communication during planning processes in order to avoid negative disasters. 

PSYCH 614 Week 5 Assignment Overcoming Negative Public Relations Disasters

All communication channels for changes, updates, or issues will be open to answer any questions and allow for communication throughout the training with contacts and the organization. The progress of the training will be tracked through electronic logging and records that can be sent to the executives of the organization and contacts who are being trained to verify that the training was completed. The preparation is planned to be finished in 8 days to ensure that the contacts have the opportunity to keep an eye on their typical obligations as well as know about how to conquer negative public debacles also.


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