PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 4 Professional Presence Presentation

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 4 Professional Presence Presentation

Introduction Slide 

Hi. I am Dellicia Mellow. Today’s presentation discusses professional skills and attributes and what strategies I can adopt to hone my professional skills. Moreover, I will discuss how one can advance lifelong professionalism. Well-developed professional expertise will help me become a successful Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). I can better assess the health problems of patients and their families with diverse cultural backgrounds by using communication,  network-building, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills. These skills will assist me in developing ethnic inclusiveness in the healthcare community. I want to begin by discussing professional attributes and skills. 

Professional Attributes and Skills Slide 

A robust set of professional attributes and skills makes things easier for us in professional life. My professional skills include practical communication skills, self-awareness, critical problem-solving, creative thinking, and relationship and network building. I am an excellent active listener and give value to others’ opinions, which helps me build a solid collaborative network. These skills will assist me in developing my career. It will help me establish a  trustworthy relationship with the patient as an FNP because FNPs must build trust to assess the patient’s problems effectively. Trust and good relationships are considered lubricants of a  prosperous career (Dougherty, 2014). I organized and hosted several high school events, which helped hone my verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Moreover, I always explore the root cause of the problem using critical thinking to develop an effective solution that addresses the issue in a time-efficient manner. These skills will help me to excel in the medical field because we need to address the patients’ concerns quickly to save their lives. Self-awareness is another skill that increases my emotional intelligence and enhances authenticity, which attracts people to collaborate with me and share their ideas. Collaborating with people allows me to explore new ideas, which improves my innovative skills. Self-awareness is a fundamental key to innovation  (Baker, 2019). It will aid me in adapting to a new workplace environment and succeeding as a  successful nurse (Enkhtuul, 2021). 

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 4 Professional Presence Presentation

Professional Presence Slide 

Professional Presence means showing a positive attitude, punctuality, and adhering to professional standards and a code of ethics on the work premises. Communicate succinctly and choose words wisely to attain desired results (Drake, 2019). Active listening and good eye contact increase professional presence. It helps in building a strong professional network.  Networking helps me in achieving my goals with the help of a professional community (Huggett,  2020). Here I want to mention my previous accomplishments where I used professional skills. In the past, I have worked in a healthcare organization as a volunteer nurse, where I organized two health awareness programs for 3 months. I followed the rules and regulations of the organization,  kept patients’ privacy, and successfully increased the health outcomes of patients. I also got an appreciation award from the head of the organization. Another accomplishment is completing an academic project in high school. The project’s purpose was to share innovative ideas to develop a solution to reduce pollution using bioremediation. I used my communication and teamwork skills to collaborate with my team and ultimately created a workable solution for reducing pollution using bioremediation. 

Examples of Professional Presence Slide 

I will share two examples of professional presence from my professional and academic life. I completed my final year project in high school using communication and teamwork skills.  I made a team of three members to complete the project. The project was related to the analysis of medicinal plants. Before starting the project, I held a team meeting to give a brief on the project. My active listening skills help me address my team members’ concerns. Analytical skills help me distribute tasks according to my team members’ expertise. Within six months, we completed the project by yielding high-quality results. The second example is from my professional experience. Last year, I worked part-time as an appointment setter in a customer care service center. My target was to set 10 appointments per month. I target professionals using my data analysis skills. Critically analyze the data available in the market to choose appropriate professionals. Strong communication skills enable me to build trustworthy relationships with clients and help me to organize one-to-one meetings between professionals and clients. This way, I completed my target as an appointment setter using my communication, critical data analysis, and network-building skills. Professional skills are like fuel for boosting your growth in both academic and professional life. 

Specific Strategies and Practices for Developing Professional Skills 

If we want to succeed in life, we need to keep the process of learning skills alive.  Otherwise, there is no way to compete in this ever-changing world. Because of the industrial revolution, we need to evolve our skills over time (Marr, 2022). I can enhance my communication and network-building skills by taking part in group activities on campus. These activities will give me the opportunity to understand the perspective of others who are from different social and cultural backgrounds. I can learn the art of conflict resolution by interacting with people. It will strengthen my communication skills and help me in building a strong professional network. Moreover, healthy conflicts promote innovation and enhance creative thinking. Another strategy is to enhance problem-solving skills. I can organize motivational workshops and participate in these workshops once a month to increase my positive attitude and resilience. Improvement in resilience will enable me to reevaluate the problems and shortcomings of my proposed solutions so that I can develop the best solutions for addressing challenging issues. It will improve my performance in my academic and professional life.

Strategies for Lifelong Professionalism Slide 

This course assists me in refining communication, innovation, critical analysis, network building, and problem-solving skills. We need to develop an effective plan to maintain lifelong professionalism. So I have developed a few strategies which I will add to my plan for strengthening my professional skills. The first strategy is to improve my communication skills.  Practicing breathing exercises regularly for twenty minutes will help me to relax my nerves and improve my focus. It will aid me in understanding others’ opinions and conveying information concisely. Breathing exercises will help in producing an impactful voice tone. It decreases stress and energizes the voice in public speaking to enhance communication skills (Brown, 2022).  Improvement in communication skills will foster my relationship with the patients as, in the future, I want to become an FNP. It will help me alleviate patients’ suffering more effectively by using strong communication skills.  

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 4 Professional Presence Presentation

The second strategy is to improve my observational, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Spending at least 30 to 45 minutes per day playing video and memory games will enhance my cognitive abilities. It will increase my observational skills to analyze micro details of my academic and professional life problems. Researchers have demonstrated that playing video games improves cognitive capacities and the ability to make decisions. Those students who play video games show better results than those who are not involved in video games (Reynaldo et al., 2021). Problem-solving and decision-making skills will allow me to understand patients’ health problems better and provide them with the best care in a time-efficient manner. I can become a successful family practitioner nurse using these skills. 


We need to develop professional skills to succeed in our life, either it is academic or professional life. After creating these skills, we can excel in our academic and professional life.  The strategies proposed in this presentation can strengthen our professional skills. For me,  communication, problem-solving, and relationship-building skills are essential for increasing professionalism because I want to become a renowned Family Practitioner Nurse. In this profession, FNPs deal with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Strong communication skills will help me build a strong relationship with them, and problem-solving skills will aid me in quickly delivering care to save their lives. I can excel in this profession using these professional skills.


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