PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

Goal-setting is essential since it provides direction and meaning to one’s life. Goals also allow you to enhance your skill set, increase your knowledge, challenge your comfort zone, advance your job, and discover greater everyday satisfaction. Personal and professional goals play a significant part in the lives of every individual, which lets them prioritize their roles toward a healthy and productive society.

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

About Me

Answer the following questions to capture how you see yourself in terms of values, aspirations, essential qualities, goals, strength areas, and areas of growth:

  1. Find a quote or saying that captures your values, motivations, and aspirations and share it here. 


 “Life is full of risks, and you don’t want to raise someone afraid of taking risks, either physically and emotionally”- Dana Reeve

  1. Describe some of your personal, academic, and professional goals.


My personal goal is to be a psychological counselor. We are witnessing a drastic increase in mental health problems and behavioral complexity. By observing such events around us, my urge to follow this field grows more as I possess good listening and understanding ability in me towards others with being judgemental of their concerns. 

My academic goal is to achieve excellent grades but also maintain a balance in academics and other curricular and co-curricular activities. I do not want to be just a bookworm and maintain my mental and physical health. For this purpose, I have always set my goal in academics by giving time to studies and healthy physical and mental health activities. 

My professional goal is to become a highly skilled registered nurse and to help people in coping with physical and mental distress. I have communication skills to interact with patients better and deliver them the best services based on their preferences. I want to work with healthcare leaders to eliminate healthcare disparities and maintain equity in this department. 

  1. State some of your areas of strength. Think about the top 2 – 3 abilities you would advertise about yourself, or consider what others come to you for advice about. These can be the course outcomes or other skills and abilities you know to be areas of strength.


My positive points are patience, hard work, and good communication skills. No matter how hard the situations may get, I always try to listen, communicate actively with calmness, and want to come up with a better solution. It always helps lessen ambiguity in personal and professional life. Communication tends to resolve complex matters in people, which leads them to share their ideas quickly and perform any task or course of action as a team which will help achieve productive results over any cause. Right words at the right time serve a lot in getting conclusions in little time. 

Once, there was a  situation in a  courier logistics company where I worked for a certain period of time. A parcel of one thousand ( $1000) was misplaced during the delivery process, and our client asked for a full refund from the company by communicating the international law of couriers and informing her of the policies for lost belongings, I convinced her to accept the half amount offered by our company to compensate her loss. Communication has always been a great idea for reaching better decision-making. My second skill is hard work, and I have always been passionate about my goals and never hesitate to work hard. I do a part-time job to continue my study and pursue my goals. I have the patience to tolerate hardships and different situations, which makes me strong day by day. 

  1. Include some areas you would like to grow and improve in.


Areas I would like to improve in my personal and professional capacity is my time management skill. I often need to work on meeting my deadlines by getting under pressure. In any situation, sometimes it led me to slow my thought process I often take a long in processing and gather information relevant to the job assigned to me to make it more meaningful and up to the mark.

  1. How can these areas help you solve problems and develop a solution-oriented mindset?


I am well aware of my strengths and weaknesses, which need acknowledgment and improvement to excel in many personal and professional capacities to accomplish my goals with the skills I acquired to offer my best performance. My communication skill and reaching certain decisions helps me in setting problem-solving goals. Doing hard work and remaining patient has helped me in dealing with complex situations. In comparison, my time management skill still needs to be addressed and improved in the long run in order to accomplish my goals fully.

Accomplishment Statements


The nursing staff is running low on critical medication needed for patients in the ICU.


I first analyzed the inventory levels of the medication to determine how much stock was available. Later I consulted with the head pharmacist, and we brainstormed and decided to explore alternative medication while contacting other healthcare organizations in the area to see if they had any surplus stock of the medication that could be used.


Quick thinking and proactive problem-solving, patients in the ICU help to receive the medication they need without any interruption in their care


Due to an influx of patients requiring treatment for a particular condition, it should be ensured that patients in the ICU receive the medication they need by providing alternatives and by borrowing additional stock from healthcare organizations to utilize simultaneously. The healthcare organization is better equipped with 30% of its medication to handle unexpected surges in demand for critical medical supplies in the future.

Accomplishments can be smaller than climbing Mount Everest or starting your own company. We accomplish many things in our lives every day that has meaning. For example, perhaps, you organized volunteers for your school’s food drive or made an extremely profitable sale. Or, if you’re more advanced in your career, perhaps you’ve received a promotion or special recognition.

In this part of the assignment, you’ll identify two accomplishments from work, school, volunteer, or other activities. You’ll then practice communicating these in ways appropriate for a CV or resume.

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

To begin, review the list of Accomplishment Categories at the end of this template and brainstorm accomplishments from your work, school, volunteer, or other activities. After you’ve identified two accomplishments, write their story using the information below:

  1. Think about each of your accomplishments in these terms:


Situation, problem, or requirement.


Specific actions you took to resolve or meet the challenge.


The benefit is created in specific and measurable terms. Be sure to tie results to the organization’s goals when possible.


Clarifying details, such as numbers or percentages to provide context (consider answering: how many, how much, how long, or how often).

Consider the example below of someone with experience as a retail manager:

  • Write two stories to practice using this format (type into the boxes below):


A healthcare organization has been experiencing an increase in patient complaints about long wait times and delays in getting test results.


Implement a digital check-in system to minimize wait times and streamline the process of patient admission. Create a centralized mechanism for tracking and disseminating departmental test findings. Staff should be instructed in the new processes and procedures.


The result shows that patient wait times have been reduced by 50%


It indicates a 50% reduction in patient wait times and a 30% reduction in test result turnaround times. Patient satisfaction scores have also greatly increased. The leadership of the organization is happy with the outcomes and acknowledges the team’s success in resolving this issue.



Full payment before admitting a patient to the hospital.


An official document has been circulated to the board of directors concerning the statement by the families of patients to facilitate in the payment procedure.


Several patients’ families were relaxed after the implementation introduced payment method.


20% payment is accepted before admitting patients to the hospital.

  • Now, try converting your two accomplishment stories into a clear and concise format for a resume or CV, as shown in the two examples below (type into the boxes for Accomplishment 1 and 2):

Formula 1: Result + action + brief description including clarifying details.

Example: Decreased customer complaints from three per week to one per week or less by training staff and implementing a regular review process.


Formula 2: Action + brief description with clarifying details + results.

Example: Trained retail staff in customer-service techniques and implemented a regular review process, decreasing customer complaints from three per week to one per week or less.


Accomplishment 1 Story

The team conducted a root cause analysis to determine the problem’s underlying causes. They discovered bottlenecks in the patient admissions process and a lack of cooperation amongst departments accountable for test results. The team delivered the plan to the organization’s leadership, who approved it and provided the resources essential for its implementation. For the next few months, the team evaluated the plan’s implementation and makes any necessary revisions. Patient wait times have decreased by 50%, and turnaround times for test results have decreased by 30%. Patient satisfaction scores have also greatly increased.



Accomplishment 2 Story

An official document has been circulated to the board of directors concerning the statement by the patient’s family to facilitate the payment procedure. 20% payment is accepted before admitting patients to the hospital. Many patients’ families were relaxed after the implementation introduced payment method.


Reflect on Your Experiences

  1. How has reflecting on your goals, strengths, areas of growth, and accomplishments been valuable for you?


Reflecting on my own strong and weak points has helped me self-evaluate my worth and helps me know my weak areas to improve and learn for betterment to excel and enhance my potential to the next level. Self-acceptance has the power to let you embrace your negative and positive sides by giving a broader perspective for the future with a positive attitude. This assessment was a source of evaluation for myself that helped me in the identification of improvement areas so that I can become a highly professional and skilled person in the future. 

  • What are ways you can build in a regular practice of reflection?


Consistency is the essential requirement to achieve anything in the long run. Consistent positive changes in our personalities. Sharing ideas and listening to experts and experienced life lessons from influencers helps you reshape your mind. Doing meditation for 30 minutes on a daily basis helps in self-reflection with full concentration. Evaluating your own actions and their results at the end of the day helps in a complete self-reflection process. 3) Briefly explain how problem-solving helped you reach the accomplishments listed in Part 2.


Problem-solving has helped me significantly in accomplishing the results listed in part 2 by recommending a new system, as every healthcare department must facilitate their patients with the best of services for their well-being without creating any burden on their families. Problem-solving has always been the first priority without sacrificing systems discipline and the services provided by the healthcare organization. Either it was a situation of the influx in medication for ICU patients or long waiting times for results in healthcare. Analyzing and quickly brainstorming my problem-solving skill have made me accomplish my goals. 

I identified the need for medication and decided to provide the alternate drug for the short term until we planned to borrow additional bulk of required medicine to avoid interruption. Later, in case to avoid long waiting hours and queues in the healthcare organization, we planned to employ a digital check-in system and establish a centralized system for tracking test results to avoid bottlenecks.

  1. After practicing writing your accomplishments in a CV or resume-appropriate style, do you feel more confident in expressing your accomplishments to an employer? Briefly explain.


Yes, I feel more encouraged after providing goals, skills, and accomplishment details in this assessment, and it will surely help me in representing myself and my accomplishment by stating truthful events; diversifying expertise in explaining different scenarios will help in getting a distinction in my CV.

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

Accomplishment Categories

Saving Time

  • Shortening a procedure.
  • Optimizing a process.
  • Establishing a new procedure.
  • Investing in new technology.
  • Re-training staff.
  • Identifying inefficiencies.
  • Changing a schedule.
  • Recommending new system.

Saving Money

  • Using supplies more effectively.
  • Eliminating unneeded reports.
  • Contracting with a new vendor.
  • Reducing underperforming programs.
  • Properly scheduling staff.
  • Recruiting volunteers.
  • Creating something from scratch.
  • Finding a cost-effective solution.

Making Money

  • Increasing sales/profits/market share.
  • Enlarging a market.
  • Finding a new market.
  • Expanding class offerings.
  • Developing new services.
  • Inventing something.
  • Winning a grant.
  • Enrolling new participants.
  • Retaining clients/customers/students.
  • Developing partnerships.
  • Upselling customers.
  • Extending contracts.

Reducing Risk

  • Meeting government requirements.
  • Improving testing.
  • Fixing a problem.
  • Ensuring safety standards met.
  • Decreasing negative behaviors.
  • Increasing positive behaviors.
  • Protecting against a hazard.
  • Developing policy.

Improving Quality:

  • Upgrading system or software.
  • Updating a course.
  • Facilitating employee training.
  • Instating best practices.
  • Implementing new procedures.
  • Boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Improving employee engagement.
  • Increasing teamwork.
  • Reducing errors.


  • Winning an award.
  • Securing a promotion.
  • Achieving a certification/degree.
  • Receiving positive feedback.
  • Earning a bonus.
  • Accepting a board position.

Creating Positive Outcomes:

  • Implementing successful intervention.
  • Teaching life skills.
  • Observing behavioral change.
  • Fostering therapeutic relationships.

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