PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 1 Personal Philosophy of Problem Solving

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment1 Personal Philosophy of Problem Solving

Personal Philosophy of Problem-Solving 

The problem-solving process is required in every field of life, whether a professional or a  daily life problem. We must solve the problem to move forward in our life. Whenever I  encounter any problem, I analyze the situation thoroughly because, most of the time, the solution is hidden in itself. So keen observation and critical analysis of the problem help me crack the problem time-efficiently. I solve problems using lateral thinking because I prefer to see the situation from a radically new angle to develop a novel solution. I also use critical thinking to brainstorm ideas which helps me understand the problem and devise the best solution. In the past, keen observation was not part of my problem-solving skills. So whenever I solved a  problem in the past, the solution was short-term. I could not develop long-term and more effective solutions as I was not paying attention to the root cause of the problem. I have learned over time that keen observation and critical analysis are core skills for solving a problem. So,  skills such as keen observation, critical thinking, and lateral thinking enable me to design innovative and creative solutions altogether.  

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 1 Personal Philosophy of Problem Solving


Two years back, I worked as an internee nurse in a hospital. One day there was chaos in our hospital because our hospital’s electronic health record system was not working. On the same day, we have to perform surgery for a patient suffering from heart disease. We were not able to retrieve medical records from the EHR system. Everyone was worried about how to perform surgery without a medical history. The technician said he would rectify the EHR system, but restoring all the medical records is impossible due to a system bug. It was impossible to perform surgery without previous medical records, and it was like risking the patient’s life. At that time, I keenly observe the situation and found out that, for the time being, the real problem is not rectifying EHR but performing the surgery of a patient. 

After critically analyzing the situation, I understood that we need demographic data, the patient’s medical history, and the prescription of medicines taken in the last three months to perform the surgery successfully. So using lateral thinking, I looked into the problem from a  different angle and thought of a plan to conduct an interdisciplinary meeting. We organized a  meeting and included 2 immediate relatives of the patient who provided us with demographic data, healthcare professionals who stayed in touch with the patient in the last three months, and nurses who attended to the patient daily to get accurate information on the patient’s medical history. One of the immediate relatives of the patient was not physically available, so I suggested including him using video conference. After two hours of meeting, we collected authentic medical information. Communication skills, integrative learning, and relationship-building skills were used for conducting the interdisciplinary meeting. Now we were fully prepared to perform surgery on time. Using critical and lateral thinking, I solved the problem, and we completed the surgery on the patient in a time-efficient manner. 

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 1 Personal Philosophy of Problem Solving

With my background in the medical field, solving problems based on factual data is very important, as we cannot put a patient’s life at risk. That is why I prefer using keen observation,  critical thinking, and lateral thinking to collect accurate and rational data for making instant decisions. Understanding the problem and brainstorming new ideas help devise the best novel solution in any emergency. My problem-solving approach helps me think outside the box and develop a solution systematically. It enhances my observational and analytical skills, which are required for designing long-term solutions in the medical field to increase patient safety.

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