PCN 162 Week 1 Group Therapy

PCN 162 Week 1 Group Therapy

Group Therapy

In the following paper we will be going over group remedy and its development. We’ll bandy the impact of World War 2. How group remedy and support groups differ, and the impact group remedy has had on treatment of substance use diseases. Group remedy has been around for numerous times and has evolved over time. “Group remedy as we know it began to develop in the 1920s and 1930s. In the 20s of the last century Pratt applied pioneering group interventions for the operation of tuberculosis, while Lazell did it with schizophrenia cases (clinical psychology 2022). ” Over time group remedy has been condensed more into remedy used to get over commodity like PTSD or an dependence and other forms have developed as well for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy indeed.

During World War 2 “Group remedy entered increased attention when numerous therapists were originally exposed to group work during their military experience (AIPC 2010).” The trauma of war and the military experience of group work really soared at this time in both Britain and America. Numerous of the officers in the army endured group remedy of some nature and when they came home from the war they endured it again to deal with what had happed during the fighting, the payoff and loss of their fellow colors. These military people had to be reintegrated into society and may suffer from PTSD.

PCN 162 Week 1 Group Therapy

What’s the difference between groups remedy and support groups? “A support group, simply stated, is a group of people that meets regularly to support one another through a delicate time or issue (Dr. Sola A 2018).” So, it principally says it in the name, it’s a group of people meant to support you as you manage with an issue that’s current in your life. The crucial word then being “manage” not resolve the issue but learn to live with it. Group remedy on the other hand is meant to resolve an issue, you want to quit drinking you don’t go to a support group, but you use group remedy. Group remedy is designed to resolve an issue, not to live with it.

If you want to deal with depression, you’ll use a support group as depression isn’t commodity you ever overcome but you learn to manage with it and have good days and bad days. Group remedy would help but it would not be the correct answer. Now if you’re depressed because you have a drinking dependence also group remedy can help you resolve your dependence issue. Speaking about substance diseases, Group remedy is designed for numerous effects but prostrating dependences is a main operation of group remedy. You work with a group to all beat the same dependence and you can each help each other. By seeing each member get so far it can inspire you to fight harder in your issue and to overcome the dependence that’s anguishing you.

PCN 162 Week 1 Group Therapy

The consoler is charged with getting all the groups through the dependence and back on the good path of life. Utmost substance abuse diseases aren’t meant to be fought alone. For alone you don’t have the tools to push forward, you’re more likely to dip back in or fall and fall indeed deeper into your dependence. You need that consoler, group leader. You need those other members to pull you up out of your gutter and to help guide you through the quitting process. Some people have beaten dependences alone, in my eyes though if they could beat it alone, they would no way have come addicted to the point that they must stop.

They would have no way lost control of the dependence and came victim of it. As I see it joining a group remedy session is one of the crucial corridors to beating dependence and not managing with it like a support group. I hope this essay has given you some perceptivity into the differences between group remedy and support groups. We bandied those differences, we talked about how World War 2 told the development of groups and how Group remedy has developed over the times. From 1920 to the present. We went over the impact of group remedy on substance use diseases and dependences.

PCN 162 Week 1 Group Therapy

I suppose without group remedy numerous of us would be overran with our colorful diseases and dependences; we’d all be victims to our substance of choice. I do see and understand that occasionally a person isn’t ready to overcome or to beat dependence and they need to simply manage with it for a time, until they’re ready to completely change their actions. When these times be, it’s better for them to use a support group. Knowing the difference in times is veritably important for the mending process and I hope we can all heal from whatever dependences we have succumbed to.


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