PCN 107 Topic 3 Your View Of Human Nature

PCN 107 Topic 3 Your View Of Human Nature


Theoretical exposure is a kind of technical and individual style or approach in comforting for a given situation. Every mind is different, and everyone responds else to different forms of remedy, so theoretical exposure involves a customized approach stylish suited to a customer. After completing the Theoretical exposure Scale (TOS), I’ve discovered that I matched most nearly to Empirical, Multilateral, and Integrative propositions. Empirical proposition embraces particular freedom and choice. This type of remedy focuses on the capability to make authentic, meaningful, and tone- directed choices about how to live. It focuses on the free will, tone- determination and the hunt for meaning, frequently centering on the customer and not their symptoms.

PCN 107 Topic 3 Your View Of Human Nature


The interventions used frequently aim to increase tone- mindfulness and tone understanding (Psychology moment, 2021) Multilateral comforting takes into account both ethnical and ethnical diversities, while further taking into consideration their sexual exposure, church, any internal or physical disabilities, social class, and socioeconomics. This type of remedy recognizes that psychosocial development isn’t inescapably the same for people of different societies and backgrounds, so it’s essential for counselors working with these types of guests be knowledgeable about, sensitive to, and comfortable with artistic differences.( Pam, 2013) Integrative remedy is a progressive form of comforting that makes use of a variety of different comforting propositions, rather than counting on one style or proposition. It combines different remedial tools and approaches to fit the requirements of an individual customer.

PCN 107 Topic 3 Your View Of Human Nature

Gestalt Proposition

This type of remedy combines rudiments drawn from different types of proposition and becomes a more flexible and inclusive approach to treatment than more traditional, singular forms of remedy( Psychology moment, 2021). The proposition that was indicated to be my worst match for my view of mortal nature was the Gestalt proposition, and I would have to agree with this result. In this type of remedy, a customer focuses on the present and understands what’s really passing in their lives right now, rather than what they may perceive to be passing grounded on once gests ( Psychology moment, 2021). This remedy works best for guests who are interested in working on their tone-mindfulness but may not understand the part they play in their own unhappiness and discomfort.

Overall, I felt like the Theoretical exposure Scale was an accurate assessment. It helped me to realize which propositions that I align with utmost, and least, and which bone I’ll probably be using the most in my comforting career.


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