Our Services

We have history with Supplemental Education Support providing tutoring to impoverished students. We have in the past worked with non-profits to provide tutoring to felons, and others who made bad decisions, aiding in them having an opportunity to “get on the right foot.”
+Business Consulting
Rather you are a decision maker in a school, a non-profit organization or an employer, we provide business consulting relevant to education. Education industry decisions are the make it or break it for future professionals.
+Decision Makers
Our economy is in the hands of you and I who make the changes in programs of the current educational entities. We are here to aid in those facing decisions from what type of programs to make, what type of changes in current programs, training new staff, making new education organizations and many other.
+Design A Program
If you are an employer, we can help design a program to train new staff, retrain current staff, or find the missing skills. When it comes to educational programs with schools or non-profit groups, we know the funds are only as much as taxes paid or donations received. We are experienced in working with the limitations to meet the need of the community.