NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

Part 1

Description of Technology

Nursing education is evolving with the respective changes and technological advancements. Modern-day inventions have transformed the interactive behaviors among educators and nursing students. Learning tools and programs have facilitated teachers in delivering data more efficiently and students in capturing the information more vigilantly (Dhawan, 2020). In this assessment, we will compare two common online classrooms which are based on e-learning: Google Classroom and Moodle. Both are online open-source learning platforms based on blended learning. Blended learning is a modern term for learning methods in which technological applications, tools, and devices are adopted in traditional teaching methods to provide students with more flexibility and adherence to their learning experience (Castro, 2019).

NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

Google Classroom is an online learning platform. It is a student-centered self-learning tool adopted by various educational institutions that provide online learning tools and options. It supports other linked features like word documents, presentation files, and feedback options. It connects teachers and students through engaging and creative activities and offers interesting ways to develop learning abilities like online content, projects, and customized assessments. Google Classroom helps students to assess their learning abilities and cognitive skills through different tasks and learning methods. It provides feedback based on the content available at associated learning platforms.  It has become an important tool of modern-day learning and working methods, especially after the pandemic (Sukmawati & Nensia, 2019).

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an integrated online Learning Management System (LMS) that provides specific course learning and personalized course content. It is also based on blended learning, digital technology, and remote learning that supports students in desired outcomes. Whether you have full command over a certain topic or you are a new learner, it helps learners in both ways. It uses personalized learning techniques to offer the best possible options for your subject and also presents an individual learning environment to assist students in getting better over time. It is also a learner-based and self-learning tool. Moodle works through predictive data history on the basis of Machine learning (ML) that makes use of AI training models. It helps nursing students find relative interdisciplinary assistance groups through blockchain data within the institution. Moodle classroom provides opportunities for individual activities and group projects at the same time through creative activities engaging the whole class (Shoufan, 2020).

Comparison of Features, Benefits, and Capabilities

NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

Features and Capabilities

Google Classroom



(Both platforms are open-source and online learning classrooms). 

Google Classroom is one of the Google Chrome features. It is an online learning program with specific features. It is available in customized forms on various educational platforms. Students need to get registered on certain platforms by updating their personal and educational information. It can be accessed through the Internet only. 

Moodle is an online educational management website provided through GNU General Public License. Students also need to register on the platform to get access to all of its features. It also works through the Internet. It works through direct interaction with AI models and helps in learning through self-learning and assessments.  


(Moodle presents more navigation features within the platform and through the platform)

Google Classroom has different and changed availability features that are customized according to the specific educational institution. Specific classroom navigation is available to open or enter a class. Navigation also works through students’ subject codes that they choose while registering or updating at the start of every semester.   

Moodle provides various navigation features based on a specific classroom, course, and academic year. Navigations are available to create or access calendar links and follow deadlines. Moodle also shows navigation for current courses that link with higher course paths. 


(Moodle is more cost-effective than Google Classroom based on features and access)

Google Classroom is free for users who are already registered on Google. Students and teachers can access all its features through the institution’s website which is using Google workplace. But its licensed products are not free as students and teachers use their own Google accounts.

Moodle is free of cost and open-source software like Google Classroom. Students can use available features as they are available and unlock all their projects through individualized options. Moodle also provides its licensed products whether they are educational or commercial projects without any charges.


(Layout of Google Classroom is more student-friendly) 

The layout of Google Classroom is divided into four main parts that work separately on student’s and teacher’s portals. Students can see all four sections on their interface but have access only to their relative features. While teachers can use all available tools and features in the background.

The format of Moodle layout presents different layouts for different pages to students and teachers. There are specific blocks and areas where teachers can present their coursework and use it for learning assessments. While they add specific sections to display for students where they display learning materials with side tabs offering extra features and information


(Google Classroom has more options related to graphics and personalization options) 

Google Classroom is more user-friendly. Students can customize the layout through different themes and color options. In course learning, there are options to upload your response through images and text form. Students can highlight the text, leave comments, and draw shapes.

Moodle offers options to students and teachers to display images uploaded through different sources and forms. The display of dashboard can also be customized through images for courses.


(Moodle is more popular with various functionality features)

Google Classroom is popular with teachers and students for its free online classroom services. Almost 20 million students and teachers are using Google Classroom.

It ranks among the top management online system in LMS. Around 69 million users are benefiting from this flexible learning platform. Moodle is adopted by all types of organizations including educational and commercial. 

Ease of Operations

(Google Classroom has more ease of operation)

Since Google Classroom is directly connected to a Google account, it has multiple access options. Students can access their classroom through any device suitable for workspace connected to Google Classroom with no maintenance worries and extra charges.

Moodle is also user-friendly and easy to use. Sometimes it needs to update by the user or institution and keep a check on maintenance. Since it is not connected to usual online accounts, so needs separate modification.

(Moodle is more compatible than Google Classroom)

 Google Classroom has some compatibility issues since it is not operational on widows mobile but students and teachers can use it on iOS and Android mobile devices other than desktop computers. Chromebooks are specially designed for the effortless working of Google Classroom.

Moodle is more standardized on the basis of compatibility. Since regulatory testing for Moodle is conducted from time to time, it is compatible with any browser and desktop setup. Only old browser versions have issues with Moodle. 

Benefits in Education

(Moodle serves more educational benefits)

Google Classroom is basically a digital classroom manager. It has broadened its vision internationally through online teaching methods and evidence-based solution techniques and feedback. It provides professional learning tools, class management, assessments, research surveys, aptitude abilities, and its link to Google Drive to develop a systematic approach for better learning opportunities for students.

Moodle covers different educational features that are related to traditional learning techniques as well as AI-based. Assessment-based learning, virtual learning features, analytical assessments, integration techniques, and writing tools. Millions of users around the world are taking advantage of this EdTech facility. Moodle also presents a student-centered approach through customization features, online and offline access, and visibility of student statistics for teachers to assess their improvement.

Part 2


The given comparison between Google Classroom and Moodle gave us an overview of tools and features and how they will be helpful in nursing education. Moodle has seemed to be more compatible with nursing education requirements as it has vast accessibility of features and modes. Nursing students need to develop problem-solving abilities, cognitive skills, and ensure patient safety with more effective interventions. For all these competitive need-based skills, Moodle has appeared to be the most popular and satisfactory tool for nursing students regarding e-learning techniques (Chen et al., 2022). Described educational tools have different features based on the same educational purposes. Although Google Classroom has also been adopted by millions of users around the world, due to its limited competitive access on some technological devices and the restriction of Google accounts. Moodle is easier to adopt and student-friendly because various institutions have adopted it according to their aims and goals. It ensures student satisfaction through assessment tools. Its available features and tools help nursing students in studying remote health cases. Moodle through presentation tools helps nursing students to better understand the physiology of patients which will guarantee satisfactory patient care in the future (Joseph & Natarajan, 2022). 


Moodle and Google Classrooms are modern educational management tools incorporated in various nursing educational institutions. Both tools are developed through a collaboration of modern-day technology and the educational system But Moodle gives more credibility in the implementation of modern learning tools on traditional teaching methods. Moodle can be incorporated into nursing education programs like ADN associate degree in nursing. Described e-learning tool can promote constructive progress in the knowledge, reasoning skills, and interaction abilities of nurses. Moodle assists nursing students to develop time-assistive habits and techniques which are useful for creating more flexible and managed learning schedules. AI module-based assessment tools in Moodle provide opportunities for students and teachers to get more productive results from their efforts. Nursing students develop self-learning techniques and assess their progress through vast data and knowledge libraries available for free on the system. They get proper feedback for their assessments from professional and experienced educators. These E-learning tools are making nursing students competent and creating opportunities for them to prove themselves. Traditional teaching methods are replaced with technological tools to get more productive outcomes (Amandu et al., 2013). 


The availability of various tools gives choices to the nursing students to choose according to their requirements. Technology has developed and created these tools based on specific attributes and goals to achieve for nursing education. Moodle and Google Classroom are both efficiently used by teachers and students around the world. Moodle with fewer compatibility issues and more variety of features in modern e-learning tools is helping nursing students to develop their learning skills and educational abilities. Moodle provides them with a well-managed platform to access all possible opportunities to practice remote health and ensure patient safety and care in their clinical practice in the future.


NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

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