NURS 6051 Week 2: Discover the transformative role of technology in nursing and healthcare.


Concept of a knowledge worker

In simple terms, a knowledge worker is an individual who undergoes a structured learning process to enhance their skills and perform specialized tasks. This learning typically takes place in a formal setting where theoretical and analytical skills are acquired to achieve specific goals (Lynn, Walter, Lawrence & Alain, 2017). Information technology plays a vital role in knowledge work as it facilitates the sharing of professional knowledge (Lynn, Walter, Lawrence & Alain, 2017). Access to others’ work and reliable resources is crucial in this field.

Definition and explanation of nursing informatics

Nursing informatics is the field of study that focuses on managing information in nursing. It aims to integrate nursing science with external information sources to generate, handle, analyze, and share data, ultimately improving nursing practice (American Nurses Association, 2015). NURS 6051 Week 2 TRANSFORMING NURSING AND HEALTHCARE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY

The role of a nurse leader as a knowledge worker

As a nurse leader, one of the primary responsibilities is to advocate for patients and ensure the maintenance of care standards. To accomplish this, nurse leaders engage in problem-solving, effective communication, outcome identification, patient finding, and collaboration with other healthcare team members involved in patient care (Arkansas State University, 2016).


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