NURS 4221 Week 1 Discussion

NURS 4221 Week 1 Discussion

According to (2018), quality is defined as the degree of excellence of something, while in healthcare, it refers to the extent to which healthcare services contribute to desired health outcomes and align with current professional knowledge (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ], 2018). While healthcare professionals strive to deliver quality care, it is essential to acknowledge that not all patients can be satisfied despite our best efforts. However, it remains crucial to uphold reliability, a vital component of quality, which refers to the system’s ability to perform adequately over a specified period (Spath, 2013).

As a nurse in a burn intensive care unit (BICU) dealing with patients on contact isolation, I have observed wasteful practices. Nurses often bring excessive supplies into patient rooms, which cannot be removed due to isolation restrictions. Additionally, extra bags of IV fluid are frequently brought in, resulting in wastage when the physician changes the fluid and the unused bags cannot be returned to the Accu-dose machine. These habits not only lead to wastage but also incur costs for patients and the facility, especially for uninsured patients. There have been instances where the facility ran out of IV fluids or lacked appropriate materials for dressing changes, reflecting on the amount wasted.

NURS 4221 Week 1 Discussion

According to Deming, quality is everyone’s responsibility (QP staff, 2010). To enhance the quality process in the BICU, it is crucial for each team member to take ownership of their role in minimizing waste. Implementing the team nursing approach can facilitate quality improvements. Nurses should be mindful of the costs associated with wasted products and their impact on the unit and facility. By increasing awareness and consciousness, appropriate changes can be made to enhance efficiency. Team nursing, which relies on the collective efforts of individuals to achieve common goals, can be employed to foster collaboration (Dickerson & Latina, 2017). Working together as a team in the BICU will not only yield benefits such as improved staff satisfaction, unit morale, patient care awareness, and safety but also positively impact overall quality.


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