NR 103 Transition to Nursing Week 2 Reflection

NR 103 Transition to Nursing Week 2 Reflection


Handwashing, a routine activity many of us perform multiple times daily, has gained significant attention recently, mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As the pandemic has dominated headlines worldwide, handwashing has become a key focus in promoting hygiene and preventing the spread of the virus. From billboards providing handwashing instructions to hospital signs detailing proper handwashing techniques and duration, the emphasis on hand hygiene has been ubiquitous.

It is intriguing to reflect on how a seemingly mundane task like handwashing has taken center stage during this pandemic. However, it highlights its critical role in maintaining personal and public health. Proper handwashing has been reiterated repeatedly as a simple yet effective measure to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases.

NR 103 Transition to Nursing Week 2 Reflection

Mindful Moments & the Sleep Journal

In the mindfulness video “Mindful Moments & the Sleep Journal,” the speaker explores incorporating mindful handwashing into our daily routines. The video emphasizes the significance of being fully present and engaged in handwashing without allowing any distractions to interfere. Mindfully focusing on each step and action involved in handwashing can enhance our awareness and deepen our connection to the present moment.

Mindful handwashing encourages us to slow down, be attentive, and appreciate the sensory experience of washing our hands. It involves paying attention to the temperature of the water, feeling the sensation of the soap lathering between our fingers, and being mindful of the entire process from start to finish. This practice promotes thorough hand hygiene and serves as a moment of mindfulness and self-care in our daily lives.

Integrating mindful handwashing into our routines can transform a simple act into a mindful ritual. This approach fosters a sense of presence, allowing us to fully engage with the task at hand and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the small moments in our lives. In the context of the ongoing pandemic, mindful handwashing reinforces the importance of hygiene and contributes to our overall well-being by incorporating mindfulness into our daily practices.

NR 103 Transition to Nursing Week 2 Reflection

The Power of Mindfulness Handwashing

As we navigate these challenging times, let us remember the power of something as fundamental as handwashing. By embracing the practice mindfully, we can protect ourselves and others while finding moments of tranquility and awareness amidst the chaos.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I must admit that I rarely gave much thought to the process of washing my hands. It was often a quick and superficial action, lacking the attention and thoroughness it deserved. However, since the emergence of Covid-19, I have become more mindful of the importance of hand hygiene, and I now dedicate a full 20 seconds to proper handwashing. After watching the mindfulness video, I realized these 20 seconds can be used well.

As a healthcare provider, although I am not a nurse, my days are filled with a constant flurry of tasks and patient demands. I often find myself rushing from one responsibility to another, attempting to meet the needs of each individual under my care. However, amidst this busyness, I recognize that handwashing and those precious “20 seconds” can serve as a moment of respite and focus.

During these handwashing moments, I now consciously pause and center myself. I take the opportunity to breathe deeply and collect my thoughts before proceeding to the next task. Rather than viewing handwashing as a mere chore, I see it as an invaluable opportunity to reconnect with the present moment and ensure I am fully prepared for what lies ahead.

NR 103 Transition to Nursing Week 2 Reflection

Covid-19 Pandemic as a Gift

By infusing mindfulness into this seemingly mundane activity, I have discovered the potential for self-care and rejuvenation within those brief handwashing moments. It has become a reminder to slow down, be fully present, and honor the importance of hygiene and mental well-being.

I have learned that embracing this mindful approach to handwashing can bring a greater sense of intention and purpose to my daily routine. It allows me to approach each task with renewed focus and clarity, enabling me to provide the best possible care to those who depend on me.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly brought numerous challenges, it has also offered personal growth and reflection opportunities. I am grateful for the newfound mindfulness that has emerged from this experience. I intend to carry this practice forward in my handwashing and every aspect of my healthcare profession. By seizing those precious 20 seconds, I can cultivate a sense of calm and attentiveness that ultimately benefits myself and those under my care.

Another opportunity for me to incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine is when I enter my car and start the engine. Often, without consciously realizing it, I take a brief moment to gather myself before driving off. I take a deep breath, contemplate my destination, plan my route, ensure my seatbelt is securely fastened, and assess my overall comfort and readiness for the journey ahead. These actions have become automatic and habitual over time. However, I now intend to approach them with more significant presence and mindfulness.

NR 103 Transition to Nursing Week 2 Reflection

Importance of Being Attentive

In the previous week, during Klisiewicz’s discussion on mindfulness, he emphasized the importance of being fully attentive in the present moment. This definition resonated with me and inspired me to integrate mindfulness into various aspects of my life. While mindful handwashing has been a recent focus, I also want to extend this practice to my breathing exercises and sleep habits in the future.

As I progress in my nursing studies and beyond, I aim to cultivate a heightened awareness of my mindfulness practice. By consciously engaging in the present moment, I hope to experience a deeper connection to myself, my surroundings, and the tasks at hand. This deliberate state of attentiveness will enhance my well-being and contribute to my growth as a nursing student and future healthcare professional.

By embracing mindfulness in different forms and consistently incorporating it into my daily life, I anticipate positively impacting my overall well-being and the care I provide to others. Through intentional breathing exercises, improved sleep patterns, and a focused mindset, I aim to nurture a sense of balance, clarity, and resilience as I navigate my nursing journey.

NR 103 Transition to Nursing Week 2 Reflection


In conclusion, mindfulness is not limited to a single practice or activity but can be woven into the fabric of our daily lives. By consciously embracing the present moment and incorporating mindfulness into various aspects of my routine, I aspire to develop greater self-awareness and cultivate a mindful approach to my studies, work, and overall well-being.


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