Learning Online

100% Guaranteed Results

We provide accommodated programs to each group based on "root" of weaknesses. We have a regular schedule of lessons that are based on different subjects, test prep, and academic skill development. We welcome you to look at the available sessions, and times. If you find one you want to attend, you can join at the time, or schedule to attend the following. If the class needed is not at a good time, or not fit to your need, we will gladly make an additional class accordingly.
Our classes are in groups up to 25 students at a time, with the availability of individual "classrooms." If you desire individual tutoring, we will meet you in your own classroom to teach you personally without the distraction of other students.
We record each time giving you the opportunity to watch the video. Our videos can be a valuable aid in independent studies or an alternative to classes. They can help you in almost any way from the preping of the exam based on the class material to a guidance to self teach.
If you are ready to Ace My Course, feel free to contact us. We schedule a time for the first session where we will examine while helping you with the materials to determine the root of your weakness. We will be able to note your learning and speed.
After, we will discuss what class will be best for you, the times available being fit to your schedule, preparation for going forward and any expectations outside of the lessons. Through you being open with us, and working on outside of lesson recommended studies, your improvements will be at the max reducing amount of time necessary in the long run.