HMNT 1001 Week 3 The Significance of Virtual Reality

HMNT 1001 Week 3 The Significance of Virtual Reality

HMNT 1001 Week 3 The Significance of Virtual Reality Abstract

In this study, I reflect on the diverse range of artifacts chosen by my classmates, each expressing their unique perspectives and interests. The artifacts serve as a means of self-expression and cultural exploration. Through this exploration, I gained insights into the way my classmates think and their consideration for others. Additionally, I discuss my own artifact, highlighting its alignment with another student’s artifact, which underscores our shared appreciation for women. Lastly, I relate my chosen artifact to my personal identity as a motivated student and learner.

During a class assignment, my classmates and I selected various artifacts that held personal significance. These artifacts ranged from personal mementos to religious symbols and items of cultural interest. The diversity of choices showcased the different ways in which people perceive and express their interests and identities. This paper aims to explore the significance of these artifacts and their reflections of individual perspective.

HMNT 1001 Week 3 The Significance of Virtual Reality Artifacts as Expressions of Identity:

As I observed my classmates’ artifacts, I noticed the multitude of ways in which they portrayed their individual identities and cultural affiliations. Drawings, quotes, and sculptures served as mediums for self-expression, allowing individuals to communicate their unique viewpoints.

This diversity of artifacts illustrates how people perceive life through distinct lenses and utilize objects to convey their passions and values (Dyson, 2006). The exploration of various cultures and the inclusion of artifacts with personal significance exemplify the desire for knowledge and the celebration of diversity among my classmates.

HMNT 1001 Week 3 The Significance of Virtual Reality Surprising Artifacts and Expanded Perspectives:

While examining my classmates’ artifacts, I encountered some surprising choices that broadened my perspective. For example, one classmate selected a picture of a Chinese waving cat, which held no personal significance to them but was meaningful to their spouse. This instance highlighted the capacity to consider others’ perspectives and think beyond one’s own interests. Another intriguing artifact was a graduation picture, which made me reflect on the assignment and consider the personal photographs I possessed that held greater personal meaning. I appreciated the creative approaches employed by my classmates, which encouraged me to explore alternative viewpoints and think more expansively.

Among my classmates, I discovered an artifact shared a striking similarity to mine. Verdelle Weaver had also chosen a sculpture, albeit a partial depiction of a woman’s face with an adornment on her head. In contrast, my artifact featured the entire figure of a woman with a similar head adornment, potentially representing braids or a crochet hat. 

HMNT 1001 Week 3 The Significance of Virtual Reality

This parallelism demonstrated a shared appreciation for women and the value we attribute to their representation. The alignment between our artifacts underscored a common sentiment regarding the importance of celebrating and honoring women in our respective perspectives.

Personal Reflection and Motivation:

Regarding my own artifact, I believe it effectively represents my identity as a student and learner. I selected an artifact that symbolizes motivation, as I strive to be a dedicated and successful student. Through my artifact choice, I express my commitment to giving my best effort in pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth. The artifact serves as a reminder of my inner drive and determination to succeed.


The collection of artifacts chosen by my classmates provided valuable insights into their diverse perspectives, cultural interests, and consideration for others. These artifacts served as tools of self-expression and cultural exploration, fostering a greater appreciation for the richness of human experience. Additionally, the alignment between my artifact and Verdelle Weaver’s artifact highlighted our shared appreciation for women’s representation. 

Finally, my chosen artifact embodied my personal motivation as a student and learner, signifying my commitment to academic success. Through this exploration of artifacts, I gained a deeper understanding of both myself and my classmates, emphasizing the importance of diverse perspectives in a technological world.


Dyson, S. L. (2006). In pursuit of ancient pasts: A history of classical archaeology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. New Haven: Yale University Press.

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