HIST 2050C Week 2 Exploration and Analysis

HIST 2050C Week 2 Exploration and Analysis

I. Introduction

  1. This proposal aims to examine and compare the significance of women’s suffrage movements and the postmodern civil rights movement in shaping societal development.
  2. Both women’s suffrage and civil rights movements have played crucial roles in paving the way for future social change.

II. Main Idea #1 – Women’s suffrage movement in the pre-modern era

  1. The emergence of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States under postmodern governance.

The motivations behind women’s suffrage leaders (Mott, Stanton) convening the first women’s rights conference from 1848-1850, were influenced by Sojourner Truth’s activism.

Sojourner Truth fights for equal rights for all women, regardless of race.

  1. Exploring the motives of the women’s suffrage movement.

A detailed examination of the push for women’s voting rights.

Strategies employed by women to secure the right to vote. HIST 2050 Week 2 Exploration and Analysis

III. Main Idea #2 – Postmodern African American civil rights movement

  1. The struggle for equality and justice following the era of slavery.

From escaping slavery to fighting for basic human rights, African Americans faced ongoing challenges.

Notable events and leaders initiated social change during the civil rights movement, such as the Montgomery boycott, the March on Washington, challenges to segregation, and the issue of lynching.

  1. Examining the structure of the civil rights movement, with a focus on influential leaders.

IV. Main Idea #3 – Analyzing the transition from women’s rights to the civil rights movement

  1. Assessing the success of both women’s suffrage and civil rights movements in promoting social change.

Establishing the timeline of women’s suffrage and civil rights movements and their interconnectedness.

Evaluating the significance of Sojourner Truth’s impact on both movements.

Understanding the interplay between the fight for women’s rights (including black women) and the civil rights movement.

  1. Examining the contemporary impact and success of both movements.

Tracing the timeline of premodern civil rights in relation to women’s suffrage.

Exploring the advancements achieved by women’s rights movements in modern times, including progress for working women, gender equality in leadership roles, and LGBTQ rights.

HIST 2050C Week 2 Exploration and Analysis Conclusion

  1. Women’s suffrage, along with the civil rights movement, contributed significantly to social change in the 20th century. These movements fought for equal rights for both women and African Americans, as evidenced by national conventions and events like the March on Washington.
  2. This study aims to draw connections between the women’s suffrage campaign before 1945 and the African American civil rights battle after 1945, utilizing Walden’s materials and the course resources.


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