HCS 430 Week 1 The Jahi McMath Case and the Power of Hope

HCS 430 Week 1 The Jahi McMath Case and the Power of Hope

Everybody has bad dreams in their lives. Going from being pursued to experiencing a terrible day in your life, and the entire way to losing somebody near you. You begin to panic, strain your breathing, and wonder if what you dreamed really took place. A person will never be able to prepare for the death of a close friend or family member. Everyone has that one worry that they don’t want to deal with: that while I was away, they wouldn’t hear from my family because of something. That brings me to the Jahi McMath case article I read. Which was extremely sad, moving, and surreal on its own. A parent’s worst nightmare comes true when they take their baby girl to have a routine procedure that a lot of people have had, and you tell your baby girl everything is going to be ok. This is where a family is listening to their hearts rather than medicine and their brain. Don’t stress. That’s what my parents have told me about every surgeon I’ve had, and it kept me safe until the knockout juice knocked me out. On December 9, 2013, Jahi went to Children’s Hospital Oakland to have her tonsils, adenoids, and uvula removed. Unfortunately, the young child went into cardiac arrest, which resulted in extensive brain hemorrhage. The doctor must now walk a long distance to visit the parents and inform them that their daughter died of complications. Jahi was kept on a respirator while she was still young to keep her body breathing.

She was now regarded as brain dead, and her death was listed as the cause. Let me explain the technical meaning of “brain dead,” which refers to a condition in which a patient is no longer considered to be alive. That there is irreversible discontinuance of every type of effort, also known as zero cerebrum movement in both the mind stems and mind. This study source was downloaded by 100000868064861 from CourseHero.com on 06-09-2023 08:33:16 GMT -05:00 dead. The reflexes that travel through the spinal cord may continue even when the brain is asleep. As a result of the respirator doing its job of maintaining the patient’s breathing, the father and mother now see that their young daughter still has a pulse. What should the parent think if the hospital decides to stop the respirator? Why is she still breathing and having a pulse right now? She stands a chance of survival and recovery. This is despite the fact that they realize the medical clinic has said she is cerebrum dead and that her mind stem has been confined. You feel like you have to be crazy to say that and try to do that, so it’s important to understand where the parents are coming from at this point. This all occurs within two or three days.

HCS 430 Week 1 The Jahi McMath Case and the Power of Hope

After close to 30 days of media, advertising, and courts with the clinic, Jahi’s family won a court request to keep Jahi on the ventilator and acquired consent to move her to another medical care area. She has moved on to a new location as of this moment, where her parents believe she will do better. Obviously, because her body is not getting nourishment through liquids or intravenously falling apart lovely fast is beginning. Presently, the family currently feels like they’re losing trust on account of what has happened. I got to think about who is right as of now. Regarding the actual facts, there is a lot of he said, she said. At the moment, everything revolves around feelings expressed on paper or in reports.

You have to consider where the law begins and ends, medicine is considered, and proper thought processes are being carried out. Is it right to have a legal counselor and another medical services office cause the family to accept that there will be an opportunity to assist their girl with the night when her body is not doing so well? Is it restoratively moral to give that expectation to the family? When will everyone sit down and examine the information to arrive at the best decision for their Jahi? I’d say no, no, and it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon. The family now believes she is safe and that the family will end up in debt or financial trouble. The family, other than managing that, should recuperate from the passing of a small kid.

Presently, I comprehend the family position of not giving up in light of the fact that dedication to the family is profound. My father had to turn off his brother’s ventilator for his own family. Although my father was strong, when I was a young child, I remember waking up to the sound of my father crying. He was the one who took on that long-lasting pain that was his own. I comprehend the Jahi family not having any desire to settle on that decision in their eye would be allowed our girl to pass on. I’m sure the family would be mentally blaming themselves for abandoning God and her. A parent will always protect their children, no matter what. The thing is correct they are thinking and pursuing decisions based on their souls, or would someone say someone is exploiting their present status of the brain, which trust? I suppose we will find out later. Toward the finish of this, we will figure out what occurred through a post-mortem examination and who could have been correct, the Emergency clinic or the Courts. HCS 430 Week 1 The Jahi McMath Case and the Power of Hope.


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