ENGL 3110C Week 6  Creative Nonfiction and Poetry Writing Skills

ENGL 3110C Week 6 Creative Nonfiction and Poetry Writing Skills

Creative Nonfiction and Poetry Writing Skills

Throughout the past six weeks, my journey with creative nonfiction and poetry writing has been a mix of trials, failures, and successes. One of the biggest challenges I’ve encountered is the vulnerability required to share my personal stories with others. Crafting memoirs, essays, and poetry demands a willingness to expose aspects of oneself that are not typically shared with strangers. Yet here I am, putting these fragments of my being on paper for numerous strangers to read.

ENGL 3110C Week 6  Creative Nonfiction and Poetry Writing Skills

As I delved into the course materials, I came across accounts from other writers who had embarked on similar journeys. They dared to reveal pieces of themselves, offering their stories to us and the world. I wondered about their motivations. Did they write for their own healing and self-discovery? Or did they share their experiences to let others know they are not alone in their struggles? These questions influenced my own writing, as I aimed to both confront my own challenges and provide support to those who may be facing similar difficulties.

One valuable lesson I learned from the readings is that every author has their own unique voice. While they may employ sensory details to immerse readers in a situation or use symbolism and metaphors to paint vivid images, they all share one commonality: they speak their truth. They draw from their own reality and share it with others. There’s a fearlessness in their approach that is not often seen in works of fiction.

ENGL 3110C Week 6  Creative Nonfiction and Poetry Writing Skills

Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Psychology at Walden University, with the goal of eventually becoming a counselor. Writing has always been a passion of mine, although I haven’t had many opportunities to pursue it recently. This course has shown me that I don’t have to give up writing to pursue a career in counseling. I intend to incorporate writing into my future work as a counselor, not only to share my own story and assist others but also to encourage individuals to write and share their own narratives as a means of self-discovery and healing.

I strongly believe that writing is not just a creative outlet but also a therapeutic one. While this concept is not new and has been utilized in various therapeutic approaches, it is the first time I have seriously considered using it in my own practice. Each week of this class has been a rewarding experience, allowing me to explore myself while gaining clarity on how I can best serve others.


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