ENG 340 Week 4 Short Story Outline

ENG 340 Week 4 Short Story Outline

The title Of the Short story will be: The Fall

Hero – Cael and different beasts:

This group of heroes was unlike any other. It didn’t have any heroes, and it was made up of men and women alike. Others had spikes on their backs, shoulders, elbows, and even two spikes on their chin, while others had ugly, poorly dressed, gnarled, terrifying teeth with scattered fur patches. Cael was the head of the beasts and directed them on every single mission. Their tasks included eliminating all aliens from other planets and leaving no trace of their wizard masters.

Adversary – Crestor and different Wizards of the Wizard World. 

There were a lot of powerful people in the Wizard world. They had a lot of money. They kept things because they knew they were the strongest and most powerful beings in the galaxy and were very proud of it. The Wizards sent the monsters all over the galaxy in an effort to gain power and control of the galaxy. The head of the Wizards was named Crestor. Crestor was the Wizard with the greatest strength. He had a light complexion, dark brown hair, and a well-groomed mustache and beard. He was proud of how he looked. He did everything in his power to maintain his position as a world leader of the Wizards, which he cherished.


The story takes place on a planet called Norip, across the galaxy, in the Wizard World. Emotional setting/story atmosphere (such as lighting, weather, and facial expressions:

  1. The first part of the story is about destruction and death, followed by the realization of good versus evil and good appearing in even the most unlikely characters.
  2. The Monsters are baffled as to why they must exterminate Norip and its alien inhabitants, despite the fact that they appear to be harmless. They disagree with themselves and disobey the Wizards, their masters, and their creators. 
  3. RISING Activity/Tension: The beasts acknowledge they are working for evil and choose to rather obliterate that abhorrent which once they worked for
  1. Peak: A most elevated place of activity in the brief tale: the ability to fight back against the Wizard world and destroy it, as well as a deeper comprehension of their disobedience to their masters.
  1. ACTION FOR THE FALLING Tie up loose ends: They ultimately return to the planet Norip and discover their true identities. 
  2. End your short story with The monsters are brought back to their former glory thanks to the Norip people’s use of their powers, and their good intentions are also displayed on the outside.

ENG 340 Week 4 Short Story Outline

At the story’s conclusion, the reader was left feeling (Mood): The peruser will comprehend how one shouldn’t at any point judge those by their external appearance since great can be inside. Likewise, they discovered that nobody ought to at any point allow the ability to control and guide one’s activities, for in that life, quite a lot of obliteration can follow.

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