ENG 340 Week 3 Dramatic Scene

ENG 340 Week 3 Dramatic Scene

Dramatic Scene 1

It was about two in the morning, so the hospital room was pretty dark. She was sleeping soundly in the arms of my stepfather. The recliner in the room was where my mother was sleeping. I was worn out. I sat down on the couch and shut my eyes in the hope of finding some peace. I awoke with panic already set in after months of hardly any sleep. The medical clinic room was splendidly lit upon my waking. My little girl was surrounded by four doctors. Loudly, the machines were going off, beeping and dinging.

I yelled out, “What is going on?” to anyone who would respond, as my panic turned scared. I jumped to my feet in a state of panic and anxiety and raced to find a place where I could see my young daughter. From all the doctors who were around her, I could see nothing; trying to prevent her death. I thought to myself repeatedly: Not at the present time. No. This is beyond me. I can’t let go of my little girl. Even though I was only 19, the agonizing pain of worry was almost too much for me to handle. The small room’s walls started to get closer to me. There, my stepfather and mother were attempting to reassure me that everything would be fine; I was overcome with fear and had tears streaming down my face. What else was there to do, however, remain there, miserable. To save my three-pound girl’s life, the doctors continued their work.

The doctors worked tirelessly, unaffected, to save the life of the tiny newborn girl. A nurse tried to reassure me that my baby would be fine and not to worry while she was looking at the statistics on the machines. I had watched the machines closely and knew what each stat meant, so I knew she wasn’t telling me the truth. I began crying and dropped to the floor, kneeling down. I was overwhelmed with fear and hopelessness. I shut out everyone’s assurances that things would work out in one way or another because I was so sad. I wanted my young daughter to live. I couldn’t stop thinking about how: Parents shouldn’t live longer than their children. Please allow her to live, Father. She deserved to live. She was vital to me.

Dramatic Scene 2

A cry was finally heard. I heard it, though it was muffled and faint. As I jerked my head up in search of life, my eyes lit up. Around then, I realized the respirator should not be in anymore, and for that reason, the cry was so weak. I gained hope from it. The doctors continued to put in long hours. Ten minutes seemed like a long time. Each second felt as though it were 60 minutes.

ENG 340 Week 3 Dramatic Scene

 One doctor made a 180-degree turn, approached me, and he placed his hand on my right shoulder. He smiled as he bent down to see my tears rolling down my cheeks. Everything will work out fine. Your youngster is a strong fighter. You will soon be able to hold her because the others are finishing up. I’ve never felt so relieved in my life.

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