ENG 340 Week 2 Two Poems

ENG 340 Week 2 Two Poems

Two Poems

Lost in the Shadows

Through the eyes of a child, 

I made my way through this vast, pitch-black space with no light to direct me throughout my days.

I find only darkness and emptiness in its place as I search for light to lead me away.

I’m consumed by silence; I can’t make a sound; I’m still looking for someone who can take me away.

They assert that life is beautiful; instead of darkness, they observe light.

I silently pray for someone to see, hear, assist, and direct me.

The Voice That Doesn’t Speak:

Silence engulfs me, and my words don’t sound. Screaming would be pointless because no one is around.

Who will you be, And for what reason will you matter?

You asked me, but you didn’t hear my response.

Be someone, be brave, live ethically, achieve all of your objectives, and make the most of every day.

ENG 340 Week 2 Two Poems

Thus that lady I became,

In any case, you don’t hear,

My words, nevertheless,

The main objective I need help to achieve.


Thiel, Diane (2005). Crossroads Creative Writing Exercises In Four Genres. New York: Custom Publishing.

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