ENG 210 Week 3 Creating an Argument

ENG 210 Week 3 Creating an Argument

Creating an Argument

Working from home or in an office yields superior results. During regular business hours, employees are free to schedule meetings and other team-building activities. However, employees are on their own on remote workdays. Workers must make daily trips to the office with a fixed on-site system, which is time- and money-consuming. When people are able to work from home, they can save both time and money by not having to travel. In the past few months, numerous reports have concluded that working from home is more productive than spending the entire day in an office. Working from home increases productivity by 47%, reduces daily waste by ten minutes, and adds one extra day of work per week.

Employees who are permitted to work from home are not only exempt from any scrutiny from their supervisors and bosses but also from any physical proximity to them. Companies have difficulty evaluating employees’ proficiency and productivity as a result of this. Representatives who can telecommute report better degrees of occupation fulfillment and are bound to remain with their current organization, as per the consequences of a new report by Owl Labs (Astonishing Telecommuting Efficiency Measurements 2023). Additionally, they discovered that individuals who occasionally worked from home were 22% happier than those who did not. Telecommuting might be more useful than working in an office desk area with the right workspace plan, permitting you to more likely equilibrium your business and individual lives. The current pandemic has altered our work habits, leading more businesses to choose remote options. To ensure months of high performance, ensure that your employees are healthy, well-rested, and organized.

ENG 210 Week 3 Creating an Argument

I can return to the office more quickly because working from home allows for flexibility. I don’t need to squander energy on chafing drives or social circumstances to arrive at my work environment. I am able to accomplish more in a day than I could in an office because I can work without interruption from home. Working from home allows me to set my own hours, which is a huge advantage. Telecommuting may be valuable for the two firms and workers. There may be a number of advantages to working from home for both employers and employees. You should have a better understanding of the fundamentals of hiring remote workers after reading this article.


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