ENG 210 Week 1 Critical Reading and Composition​

ENG 210 Week 1 Critical Reading and Composition

Why I Decided to Go Back to School

I’m excited to be here for my first University of Phoenix class. After many years of deliberating with myself, I made my decision. In the end, three things helped me make a decision:

The full school grant I had relinquished, my youngsters, and corporate America.

I became pregnant in 2006, my senior year of high school, and was denied a full college scholarship. I finished fourth in my class and received a full-ride scholarship to Amhurst College, the college I had always aspired to attend. I received high honors in high school. However, in order to provide for my child and myself, I worked rather than attend college. 13 years later, I’m still in college partly to get over not using the scholarship.

My Children I now have five children: three boys and two girls. They range from six to twelve years of age. In my home, schooling is basic. My children all go to a private school. I make it clear that I expect As and Bs in terms of grades. Being in school now should help them understand how much I value education for both myself and them.

Corporate America I have been employed at ABC Law for seven years as a secretary. The position of Executive Assistant was advertised by the company two months ago. I successfully completed all of the duties associated with the work and know everything that the Executive Assistant should know. However, the job advertisement requires at least a bachelor’s degree in management or business. What a deficiency of a lifelong chance for me. I’m close to part of the way through my certificate program, and I trust there will be comparative open doors anyplace when I complete the necessities for my BA in Business.

ENG 100 Week 1 Critical Reading and Composition

In conclusion, it was awful to lose the entire scholarship for college many years ago. But now that I’m in college, it helps me get over that. I hope it will also inspire my children, making it easier for them to find work in corporate America.

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