ENG 110 Week 5 Writing Decisions

ENG 110 Week 5 Writing Decisions

Writing Decisions 

In your academic and professional endeavors, who do you anticipate being your primary target audience? What is your private life like? Which kinds of writing—genres—do you think are most suitable for these audiences? Make sense of your reaction.

Through writing emails, I believe I will primarily target my coworkers in my professional career. Even though I don’t write to my family, I mostly address them in my personal life. I’m a pretty verbal person; I’d rather call than text because typing paragraphs on the phone is tiring. Since I typically use my emails to inform my coworkers and ask questions, I would say that the writing style that is most suitable for my professional audience is expository. I would agree that my own life contains a ton of kinds blended; however, basically, it would be a story as life has countless various kinds of stories, and they have such countless perspectives to them that make every one of them special. There are stories that are happy, sad, sweet, and even a little bit dramatic.

Why was the piece of writing you created in this class your favorite? From what assignment did it come? Incorporate a citation as well as a portrayal from that composed work to act as an illustration of what you like about that piece of writing.

The Week 4 Personal Narrative assignment is, without a doubt, my favorite assignment from this course. I was required to respond to the question, “In your education journey, what is one key moment that stands out, and how did it affect you?” for this assignment. This critical second could be from any point in your life, and it very well may be from your scholar, expert, or individual experience.” This is my most loved on the grounds that it was enlightening to think back on how I had the option to turn into the individual that I am today. It was very interesting to see who I used to be because I am now very different from my childhood self, and that event made me realize how quickly someone can change. 

Additionally, I am proud of the significant enhancements I made while writing this piece. Here is an excerpt: “This approach captured my outlook on school and life in general.” I started participating more actively in class discussions, immersed myself in the material, and spent more time taking detailed notes. In addition, if I was unsure of something, even the smallest detail, I would ask multiple questions because I believed that my knowledge of a single subject was a puzzle and that I had an obligation to solve it completely.

ENG 110 Week 5 Writing Decisions

What might make your favorite piece of writing, which was mentioned in question 3, useful to your readers? What abilities or advantages did you exhibit while writing it? What other writing situations might you be able to use these abilities or strengths in?

Because it is written in a narrative style, I believe that my favorite piece of writing is effective for my readers. This work is very personal to me, and I think it’s good for a reader to read about personal experiences because they are easy to relate to or understand because they are written and presented in a way that most people can understand. Writing can help us break down some emotions into things that we can understand because some emotions are extremely complex and difficult to describe. When I was writing this piece, I learned a lot about how to use grammar and vocabulary, which I can use in my career. Because your coworkers need to be able to understand you and communicate with you, I believe it is very important to be able to express your thoughts clearly. 

Did the feedback you received during this course have any recurring themes or patterns? Is the focus of the feedback usually on the audience, the genre, the structure, the content, the language, voice, or grammar? Describe or share the feedback that was most helpful to you. How can the feedback help you write better?

I believe that the feedback that I have received indicates that I am able to respond appropriately to the prompts and that my ideas are very good. I, in all actuality, do believe that I have expected to enhance the language structure and organize my composition as I’ve seen that it straightforwardly influences the progression of my viewpoints and content. It hurts to read the writing because it appears to be messy. I have focused on it to enhance these defects, and I’m pleased with where I have come to now. Now I want to expand my vocabulary more.

As you consider the criticism you got or perceptions you’ve made about your composition during this course, what are 1 or 2 abilities you need to refine as an essayist? What are these skills and how do they help you improve your writing as you go through college or a career?

When I look back at the comments I’ve received from my peers, one thing I wanted to keep working on as a writer was writing with correct grammar and spelling. Because people now primarily communicate via email in the age of the Internet, I have observed that my formatting, overuse of commas, and overall spelling and grammar are severely lacking. As a result, I believe these skills are crucial to the development of my professional career. Fortunately, I believe my writing has improved significantly and clearly. Later on, I trust I’ll have the option to integrate bigger and more troublesome words into my jargon and composing.

Choose one paragraph from one of your course-related assignments, journal entries, or discussion posts. Think about picking a passage that demonstrates a writing skill you want to improve. Give that passage in the space underneath and incorporate the task it is from. Determine who you’re writing for, what you’re trying to accomplish, and the style or genre you used in the chosen work. Make sense of how this determination addresses your way of life as an essayist.

This passage is from the Week 2 Conversation Composing according to Alternate points of view, “I decided to peruse: – “Building a Scaffold: by Anton Sattler, a former Marine who has turned actor. This determination is about the excursion of marine veterans, Sattler and Driver, and how they developed themselves from being marine to being cleaned playwriters and, ultimately, entertainers. This determination likewise says a lot about AITAF(Expressions in the Military) giving a gathering to the veterans and not just spurs veterans to record their accounts yet, in addition, furnishes them with a gathering of industry pioneers who need to peruse their work and will give criticism on it. 

ENG 110 Week 5 Writing Decisions

Additionally, the selection describes AITAF’s first Bridge Award. This grant couldn’t recognize an extraordinary piece of composing, yet additionally, move individuals to compose their tales about the misfortunes they endure when they do battle and the misfortunes they experience the ill effects of war. This selection also talks about how Anton Sattler, a Marine veteran who became an actor, wrote his play “The Local Gods,” which won the 2020 Bridge Award. This play depended on his very own blend of encounters and perceptions all through the military and is drawn from the “profound insights” that come from serving, conveying, returning home, and adjusting to life after the military. Adam Driver, who believes that studying plays helped him express his emotions and become less aggressive as he moved from the military to civilian life, is correct. 

After careful consideration, I believe that art and self-expression can be utilized as change agents and connections builders. The performing and visual arts can encourage positive self-expression and boost self-confidence. We all have a fundamental need to express ourselves. At the point when we don’t communicate our thoughts, we quell significant pieces of what our identity is and cause ourselves extensive battle is burning through my time and finished the call, yet I got back to her, and I told her that I was appreciative for her to converse with me about her enduring mental and profound agony. Our dissatisfaction goes to seethe. 

Depression results from our isolation. The accomplishments are most satisfying and boost self-esteem when art is inspired by individual interests, ideas, emotions, needs, or preferences. A person’s personality and outlook on life dramatically shift as a result. Self-expression can help us reflect on our life, choices, relationships, beliefs, and thoughts rather than burying these things deep inside. One can all the more actually impart, cooperate, and make networks with others on the off chance that the individual articulate their thoughts with thought. Self-articulation likewise assists an individual in making associations with the over a wide span of time life of a person. Through the medium of self-expression, a person can relate many past experiences to their current life because it helps them understand themselves and process their emotions. 

My target group for composing this was my colleagues and my teacher, my motivation was to answer the conversation inquiries for that week, and the class I made was a blend of descriptive and story as I was illuminating my crowd about the book, and I added my considerations and understandings of the book. Because I use writing as an emotional outlet for my thoughts, this selection represents my identity as a writer. I can recall that as I was writing this paragraph, I was thinking about a turbulent personal event. I had received a sudden call from my college-aged little sister. We communicate with one another occasionally, and when we do, we have brief conversations. 

When I inquired about her college experience and how she was coping with it, she replied, “Okay,” without providing any additional information. She had talked to me about a lot of things on the day she called, including how she felt alone and distant from her peers. She was losing interest in going to school at an ever-increasing rate. After she made an apology for the issues she was having, we talked for hours about how she could deal with life and herself. My response to this discussion has been greatly influenced by this event because some people can be overwhelmed by their emotions and thoughts. It’s important to let these feelings out, and it’s good just to say whatever you’re thinking. I will be able to use my words and thoughts to comfort both my loved ones and myself more as I improve my writing skills.

ENG 110 Week 5 Writing Decisions

Utilizing the passage you recognized being referred to 7, complete 1 of the accompanying: Address and incorporate the feedback you received by revising and rewriting the paragraph. Check out the optional resources provided in the assignment description in Blackboard® if you require assistance with the revision.

This selection is all about Sattler and Driver, two veterans of the marines, and how they went from being Marines to being polished playwrights and then actors. This selection also says a lot about AITAF (Arts in the Armed Forces), an organization that gives veterans a place to talk and encourages them to write their stories. It also gives them a group of leaders in the industry who want to read their work and give them feedback. Additionally, the selection describes the inaugural AITAF Bridge Award. This award could not only honor a great piece of writing but also motivate others to write about the losses they experience when they go to war and when they come home from it. 

This determination additionally portrays how Anton Sattler composed his play “The Neighborhood Divine Beings “which packed away the 2020 Extension Grant. The “emotional truths” that come from serving, deploying, returning to the homeland, and adjusting to life after the military are the basis for this play, which was based on a combination of his own experiences and observations from both inside and outside the military. Adam Driver, who believes that studying plays helped him express his emotions and become less aggressive as he moved from the military to civilian life, is correct. After a cautious idea, I accept that workmanship and self-articulation can be utilized as apparatuses for making change and building associations. 

Visual and performing expressions can prompt positive self-articulation and help with building trust in a person. We all have a fundamental need to express ourselves. We repress important aspects of who we are when we don’t express ourselves, which causes us a great deal of struggle and long-lasting mental and emotional pain. Our anger grows from our frustration. Depression results from our isolation. Accomplishments are most satisfying and boost self-esteem when art is inspired by the individual’s interests, ideas, feelings, needs, or preferences. 

A person’s personality and outlook on life dramatically shift as a result. Self-expression can help us reflect on our life, choices, relationships, beliefs, and thoughts rather than burying these things deep inside. If one expresses themselves with consideration, they can communicate, collaborate, and form communities with others more effectively. A person’s ability to express themselves also helps them connect their past and present lives. Through the medium of self-expression, an individual can understand themselves and process their emotions, allowing them to relate many past experiences to their current life.

ENG 110 Week 5 Writing Decisions

Compare your revised paragraph in question 8 to the one you chose to write in question 7. When deciding what to revise or rewrite, what factors did you take into consideration?

During the process of rewriting this paragraph, I gave a lot of thought to aspects of proper English. I made the decision to read this paragraph aloud, and as I did so, I began to consider how the paragraph’s unnatural spaces and commas impeded the flow of my ideas. In addition, there were sentences that were illogical due to the misplacement of some words. I in all actuality, do feel that the vast majority of my concerns were from not having the option to organize appropriately, which I accept can be credited to the absence of composing experience that I had in those days. I am proud of the concepts I was able to develop and convey in this assignment, which are easy to comprehend and emotionally relatable.

If your professor gives you feedback on this assignment, what kind of feedback would you find most helpful to improve your writing or craft? How do you think this course has changed your writing?

I figure the most significant criticism that I can get to fortify my composing abilities or specialty is my general capacity to portray my thoughts. I hope I was able to use my vocabulary to express my thoughts adequately. Additionally, I hope that I was able to relate what I had written to the question I was asked to answer. I think this course has made a big difference in my writing because I used to write a lot with bad grammar and use commas without thinking about it. Now, I’m happy to say that my writing looks a little cleaner and more polished. I believe that the writing practice I got from this course helped me write better over time.

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