COMM 315 Week 1 Diversity Issues

COMM 315 Week 1 Diversity Issues

Diversity Issues:

There are many hidden and visible characteristics associated with diversity. First of all, there are various ways of supporting variety in this present reality. Only one model, and presumably, the most widely recognized model that we take a gander at as people, in the shade of an individual’s skin. The tendency to judge or justify someone solely on the basis of their skin color is part of our human nature. Together, we will take a gander at a portion of the different qualities that we can view in our different worlds.

The Color of a Person’s Skin In today’s society, we judge people quickly based solely on their skin color. One of the normal confusions about this will be on the grounds that an individual might have an alternate skin tone that doesn’t make that individual any less brilliant than you; as a matter of fact, that individual may very well shock you and be extremely shrewd. Harvey, for instance, is a black man with spiky hair. At first glance, I didn’t think he was very intelligent. As a result of his skin tone, but since his appearance to me simply doesn’t appear to be of that someone, that would be the highest point of his group in school. However, Harvey excelled academically and graduated first in his class, according to the text in the University of Phoenix Library (University of Phoenix, 2016). Harvey currently works for a finance company and has a master’s degree in business. However, his exterior appearance and skin color cannot tell you that. This is only one illustration of an issue that we have as we live in a world with a different culture. Let’s look at some more examples below.

Financial Situation Have you ever found yourself judging a homeless person who is asking for money on the side of the road? I bet you most likely were thinking about one or two speculations. Case in point, you were presumably feeling that goodness. No doubt this individual is really lethargic and won’t get off of the behind and attempt to go after a position. Another illustration: I bet this individual is merely pleading for money to purchase alcohol to get drunk. Okay, I understand that these are only a few of the thoughts that come to mind when someone appears homeless. Let’s take a look at some facts. An individual that seems destitute very well could really be destitute. This vagrant could be exceptionally sick and can’t work or is unfit to give a method for having a monetarily stable stage to live on. In the present society, we don’t genuinely have the foggiest idea of what is happening and what an individual’s very own fights are. Without first getting to know that person personally, there is no way to know.

COMM 315 Week 1 Diversity Issues

We should discuss the others that are on the opposite side of the monetary coin. Because they have more money than we do, we may sometimes believe that rich people are arrogant. Because they may be very wealthy and live in a large house, many people are caught making hasty judgments about another person. Most likely, these people drive very expensive, opulent automobiles. The car should cost two times your ongoing yearly compensation. A person’s wealth does not necessarily imply that they live in a large house or drives fancy cars that cost a small fortune. I have personally met extremely wealthy people who were kind to others and drove some of the most up-to-date and affordable automobiles produced today. In addition, they did not reside in a lavishly constructed castle but rather in a straightforward three-bedroom, two-bath house that was about 1450 square feet.

Kim is a generally excellent illustration of someone that has come from an exceptionally unfortunate foundation; however, she ascended to the difficulties that life gave her, and she accomplished a lot. Kim has olive skin and is a brunette. Kim was the first member of her family to earn a high school diploma. She was mocked and told that people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds never reach higher levels. She took on that test by not letting what others say influence her choices and decide her future. According to the University of Phoenix (2016), Kim now holds a master’s degree in educational media and technology. Presently, we should notice an issue that rings a bell when we see someone that has tattoos and piercings.

Tattoos and Piercings Jenna is a dyed-red head with approximately eleven tattoos and a total of thirteen piercings. Jenna claims that each of her tattoos represents something significant to her. Contrary to popular belief, she did not necessarily get tattoos as a sign of rebellion or sin. For instance, Jenna has a lily tattoo on her foot that symbolizes rebirth and a date tattoo that serves as a reminder of her mother’s passing. You are all most likely reasoning that it is basically impossible that this young lady here might actually, at any point, become effective throughout everyday life and get hitched. Also, she probably wouldn’t be a good mother. You know what else? You are off-base. Jenna has a bachelor’s degree in English and has worked as the weekly paper’s managing editor. Additionally, Jenna worked toward her master’s degree in graphics design. Additionally, Jenna worked as a teacher for an online college. It seems as though Jenna is simply loaded with shocks. According to the University of Phoenix (2016), Jenna has a young daughter and is happily married.

COMM 315 Week 1 Diversity Issues

Summary It would be nearly impossible to cover every diversity issue in the world today in a single paper. Thus, today we discussed a couple of normal variety gives that we have today. People are judged based on their skin color, tattoos, piercings, and financial Situation. These are only a couple of variety gives that we have today among one another.


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