COMM 1008 Week 2 Interpersonal Communication

COMM 1008 Week 2 Interpersonal Communication

Professional And Personal Settings

My language, appearance, and behaviors are crucial in communicating my personal identity in both professional and personal settings. In a professional setting, I communicate through polite language, a confident tone of voice, and a neat and professional appearance. This helps me maintain a positive and professional image that is respected by my colleagues and students. In a personal setting, I communicate through my nurturing behavior and focus on my family’s needs first. This helps me portray myself as a loving mother who prioritizes her family’s well-being. If I didn’t maintain these behaviors and appearances, I believe it would affect the way people view me in both environments. In a professional setting, it could make me appear less competent and less professional, potentially leading to a negative reputation. In a personal setting, it could make me appear less caring and less nurturing, potentially leading to strained relationships with my family.

COMM 1008 Week 2 Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Overall, my personal identity is shaped by my behaviors and appearance in both professional and personal settings, and maintaining these helps me communicate my values and priorities to those around me. Interpersonal communication is an important aspect of our daily lives, both in personal and professional settings. It involves the exchange of information, ideas, and emotions between individuals through verbal and nonverbal means. One’s personal identity plays a crucial role in how they communicate in different environments. It encompasses various aspects of an individual, such as their personality traits, values, beliefs, and experiences, among others. In a professional setting, it is essential to present oneself as a competent and reliable person.

This includes using formal language, maintaining a professional appearance, and exhibiting appropriate behavior. For instance, if someone works with children, they need to use language that is clear and easy to understand. They should also maintain a positive and energetic attitude to keep the students engaged. In terms of appearance, appropriate grooming is crucial to display care, respect, and motivation. It is important to dress in a way that reflects the professional environment and avoids distractions. For instance, minimal jewelry and natural makeup are appropriate, and neat hair and professional clothing are essential. Behaviors such as being approachable, respectful, and competent are also important in a professional setting. Sharing knowledge and resources, being autonomous and flexible, and having clear roles and responsibilities are additional traits that can be highly valued.

COMM 1008 Week 2 Interpersonal Communication


In a personal setting, one’s identity may be different, but it is still crucial to exhibit appropriate behaviors and language. For instance, in a family setting, nurturing and caring behavior can be highly valued. Additionally, using language that reflects warmth and support can create a positive environment for loved ones. Overall, how one presents themselves in different environments can affect how others view them. Consistently exhibiting appropriate behavior, language, and appearance can help to create a positive reputation and earn respect from others.


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