COM FPX 1250 Assessment 5 Audio and Visual Communication Communicating a Change

COM FPX 1250 Assessment 5 Audio and Visual Communication Communicating a Change 1

COM FPX 1250 Assessment 5 Audio and Visual Communication Communicating a Change

Active Listening: The Six Ws

Consider the presentation you are about to make, making notes of six Ws in the boxes below. 

Who are you presenting to?

I am delivering a presentation to all the employees at XYZ Inc.

What is the problem you are addressing?  What is the solution you are proposing? 

The subject I am discussing is a suggestion to include a new digital communication tool into the corporation.

When should changes be implemented?

According to the memo I sent Wanda, the new communication adjustments need to go into action from November 15th, 2022.

Where and how did you research the problem? Where (or in what sources) did you locate the solution?

I primarily used websites that cover communications and the social etiquette that may be utilized while interacting via email.

Why is your proposal the best solution to the problem?

The approach I proposed of using Slack is the best since it is quicker than emails, often include numerous participants, and everyone may access it and keep up to date.

How should messages be modified when using email and the app?

When sending or receiving emails, communications are frequently professional and include a subject line that informs the reader of the information that will be provided. When approaching the receiver, the sender should be careful of their tone. The Slack messaging software will be used primarily to relay cause complications and assign tasks.

In addition, consider the following:

Is your PowerPoint or presentation easy to see/read? Is there an appropriate amount of content on each slide? Is the font an appropriate size? Is the color contrast appropriate? 

The PowerPoint slideshow is easily readable, and the text on each slide, as well as the background color, is adequate.

Have you provided closed captions to ensure accessibility?  

Yes, I have Included closed captions to ensure accessibility

Have you developed speaker notes or a transcript to help you cover the information you intend? Does your speaking plan correlate to the PowerPoint?

Yes, presenter notes assist the reader in presenting their work, and they correspond with the Power point presentation.

Why are you presenting virtually instead of in-person? 

I am presenting remotely because not everyone is currently working from the workplace.

Why are you presenting asynchronously instead of synchronously? 

I am presenting asynchronously so that everyone may watch the full video session at their convenience.

How should your message be modified to account for the virtual and asynchronous method of presenting?

The message may be customized as if I were delivering something to a particular, and this can be put someplace where anybody, at any time, can view it.

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