COM FPX 1250 Assessment 4 Written Communication Communicating a Change 1

COM FPX 1250 Assessment 4 Written Communication Communicating a Change 1

Written Communication: Writing a Memorandum (Memo)

To: Wanda Bell, Vice President of Customer Service

From: Sophia Anderson, Customer Service Specialist

Date: 4/4/2022

Subject: Addressing Corporation Communication Policies

Purpose and Background: 

This memorandum is to recommend adjustments to XYZ Inc.’s Corporation communication rules as well as regulations for interior communication, as you asked. We recently had a delayed order shipping to one of our main customers, Printables. The customer wrote XYZ Inc. to complain the missing delivery, prompting a study of our corporate message protocols to establish why we were unable to notified of the shipment issue earlier the client come to be concerned. We discovered that a crucial email had been routed to the garbage email box. For all business communications across departments, XYZ Inc. now uses in-person contact, internally telephone conversations, or internal emails. Even though these communication practices have been successful in the past, there are certain changes that may be made to maintain effective and appropriate interaction across departments. We must to provide further modern message techniques, such as rapid chat abilities while identifying departments or specific workers, as well as a mechanism to mark or filter collaborations; it will assist assure responsibility and prepared our staff to essential talks.

Suggested Communication Changes

On the way to increase message skills, we must establish clear prospects for at what time to use chat and email through policies. Establishing announcement standards for what technologies to use, also “defining standards for occurrence and response, in what way to handle complex material, and set limitations for off-topic communications,” is part of this. (Email vs. Workplace Chat, 2021) Setting these expectations can assist staff understand when and how to use the technologies successfully.

Understanding the communication’s objective and target audience will assist users decide when to utilize a certain tool. Email interactions will be used for company-wide warnings, non-time sensitive customer, order, or project updates, or as a follow-up to in-person meetings. In a busy environment such XYZ Inc., users do not use their computers on a daily basis, especially warehousing or shipping personnel, therefore time-sensitive matters should really be addressed in person or via an app, such as Microsoft Teams, which can be installed on their smartphones or work phones. The Microsoft application may be used to organize meetings, express a time-sensitive need, oriented services on a specific request, or deliver a fast update. Teams is used for chat apps, phone calls or video calls, meetings, and process mapping. Because Teams is a Framework developed by Microsoft, it will integrate seamlessly with our specific email platform, Outlook. It will enable real-time cooperation and communication with peers in various departments or places. We can exchange files and data and set up a data warehouse to manage and retrieve shared stuff. Teams even has a search option that allows users to search all chats for a certain topic, such as order numbers or customer names. Microsoft Teams will provide users with more freedom and “less clutter in your mailbox as swift, rapid questions get answered through Groups conversation, rather than a potentially long delay for an email reply” (Stanfield, 2020). The mail and Team guidelines are detailed here.

Internal Email Guidelines

  • Being used company-wide warnings on healthcare, security, or information critical to the business’s day-to-day operations.
  • Announcement of company-wide policy or practices.
  • Communication of non-time critical customer or order shifts.
  • Provide customer or order updates while sales or warehousing workers are unavailable. When appropriate, this example should be followed with such a ‘important’ indicator, and the sender is required to follow through if they do not hear back within 2-4 hours.
  • Provide customer or order information as a follow-up to in-person meetings.
  • Interaction with external business partners.
  • Non-time critical project or process upgrades

Microsoft Teams Guidelines

  • Convey a time-sensitive requirement.
  • Group chat for persons or departments located in different places
  • Keep updating a time-sensitive request or a project revision
  • Request a brief explanation or update
  • Collaboration or effectively resolve in a multi-team setting
  • Use OneNote to compile and retain meeting notes, which you can then share on Teams
  • Organize and share on all directory listing layouts like as Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF
  • Send a direct flag or warning to a person or company for immediate evaluation and reaction
  • Messages, depending on the audience, might be less professional than email
  • Arrange meetings through phone or video

Microsoft Teams will enable powerful communication across the workplace and facilitate collaboration, feedback, and real-time participation. It enables secure file exchange and coordination equally internally and externally. Users of Microsoft Teams benefit from “sophisticated security features that encompass data encryption, security barriers, guidelines regarding, legal hold, and more” (Stanfield, 2020). Teams notifies senders when a message is read, and all unopened messages flash and notify the receiver to fresh discussions that require follow-up, assuring that no interactions are missed. When the app is installed on smartphones and tablets, it includes a walkie-talkie feature that allows for fast vocal communication at the single click, enabling cooperation between various divisions or areas of the building. This can be used to check on a client’s order or request an update on stock items. Depending on the audience, messages made through Microsoft Teams might be less professional than emails. They should be brief communications that demand a rapid response without going into much detail. Teams can be employed for fast conversations and informal contact amongst employees, depending on XYZ Inc.’s communication policy. Microsoft Teams contributes to our company’s cooperative learning environment by providing many routes for instant communication, allowing our staff to benefit from a single application for messaging, online piracy, video calls, phone calls, and meetings.


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