COM FPX 1250 Assessment 3 Written Communication Communicating a Plan

COM FPX 1250 Assessment 3 Written Communication Communicating a Plan

Active Listening: The Six Ws

Review your assessment of your manager’s voicemail and of your email to the customer. Then, consider what, how, and why you need to communicate to the Shipping Department, making notes of six Ws in the boxes below.

Who are you writing to?John Smith
What is the problem?The prime customer is about to receive their delivery, which is more than a week delayed.
What are your responsibilities to solve the problem? What responsibilities do others in your organization have? (What tasks still need to be completed? What tasks need to be done by the Shipping Department? What are the steps involved?)

My core responsibilities for this problem include informing the consumer and communicating the resolution strategy.

The shipping unit’s obligations include promptly sending a new shipment to the client that will receive by Wednesday, as well as sending tracking data to the consumer and refunding shipment costs today.

Who is responsible for refunding the shipping fees to the customer?John Smith, Shipping Department Manager.
When does the tracking number and replacement order need to arrive?

The tracking number should be emailed to you on Tuesday.

The replacement order should arrive by Wednesday.

How will you confirm that the tasks have been completed? I will like to get a record of both the reference number and the refund verification.
Why is this problem urgent and important?The client is one of our most important primary customers, and the package is more than a week late, which is intolerable.

In addition, consider the following:

How do you think the Shipping Department Manager is feeling?Frustrated, dissatisfied, and understanding
Why do you think the Shipping Department Manager is feeling that way?Because the problem happened within his organization, he may feel frustrated and dissatisfied. However, he would realize the urgency and significance of fixing the situation.
What are you trying to accomplish in the email you are sending? In other words, what is your purpose for writing?The primary goal of this communication is to notify John about the problem, the strategy to fix it, and specific instructions for him to execute.

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