COM FPX 1250 Assessment 2 Written Communication Writing an Email

COM FPX 1250 Assessment 2 Written Communication Writing an Email 1

Assessment 1: Written Communication: Writing an Email

Active Listening: The Six Ws

Review your assessment of your manager’s voicemail. Then, consider what, how, and why you need to communicate to the customer, making notes of six Ws in the boxes below.

Who are you writing to?

Sara Robbins

What is the problem?

The client did not take delivery of a shipment from our firm

What are your responsibilities to solve the problem? What responsibilities do others in your organization have?

My task is to ship the package again, replace it and let Sara Robbins at Printables know what we are doing to resolve the issue. Someone else in our company will then determine the status of the original product so that it can be shipped and delivered to the customer promptly.

When will the problem be corrected?

The issue will be resolved as quickly as possible.

How will the problem be addressed? What are the steps involved?

We resolved the problem by refunding the amount paid by the customer, sending a new package that the customer should have received on Wednesday, and informing the customer if they had received the replacement item.

Why are you sending the customer a message?

Let them know that we are aware of the problem, apologize for the situation, and inform them of the solution.

In addition, consider the following:

How do you think your customer is feeling?

The consumer is dissatisfied and frustrated since they did not receive their order on time.

Why do you think your customer is feeling that way?

They are one of our most important customers and always demand the best from us. They bought from us but were unhappy because the shipment was not done and they could not be sure to receive the product on the expected date.

What are you trying to accomplish in the email you are sending? In other words, what is your purpose for writing?

The purpose of my email is to retain customers. I didn’t want a misunderstanding to cause customers to stop doing business with XYZ Inc. I wanted the customer to know how sorry we were and to allow us to apologize.

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