COM FPX 1250 Assessment 1 Active Listening Listening to Understand

COM FPX 1250 Assessment 1 Active Listening Listening to Understand

Active Listening: The Six Ws

Listen closely to Wanda’s voicemail, making notes of the six Ws in the boxes below. 

Who first experienced the problem?

The client (Sara Robbins) was the first to encounter the situation, since she did not get their shipment. She notified Wanda to the situation.

What happened?

The customer did not receive her shipment, which is now more than a week late.

What is the problem?

The concern is that there was a miscalculation, and the shipment did not leave the company. This delivery was expected by the customer a week ago, and she is a key customer for our company.

When did the problem occur and when was it discovered?

The issue came up a week ago when the customer delayed to get their shipment. Wanda at our company discovered the problem today.

Where did the problem occur?

The issue came up within our corporation. Whomever was in charge of delivering out the goods at our corporation did not perform their duty well.

Why did Wanda tell you this message?

Wanda wrote me this mail because she wants to find out who is to accountable for the failure at our company and wants to resolve it. She wants me to approach Sara Robbins and resolve the matter.

How should the problem be addressed? What are the steps involved?

The problem must be handled by contacting Sara and apologizing for the inconvenience. According to Wanda, I am permitted to refund shipment and product charges and ensure that the package delivers the client by Thursday.

In addition, consider the following:

What nonverbal cues do you notice? Consider pauses and changes in tone of voice.

Wanda is clearly unhappy and conveys her rage through her tone of needing to know who is to blame for the blunder and how it can be rectified. She is certainly concerned and anxious since this is a lovely client who she does not want to be upset with.

How do you think your manager is feeling based on these nonverbal cues?

I’m confident my manager is concerned and angry that this situation has arisen. Whoever was guilty was directly under his authority, and therefore ultimately needs to get it to the bottom of the matter as soon as possible and fix the problem to guarantee the customer is pleased.

Why do you think your manager is feeling that way?

Wanda’s unhappy attitude is probably causing my management a great deal of concern. Furthermore, it was the manager’s obligation to ensure that the item was delivered appropriately, and I am sure they are concerned about any consequences for their work performance.

How important is the issue (minor, urgent, catastrophe)? Why do you feel that way?

Because of the stress involved and the significance of this customer to the company, I believe this is a catastrophe.

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