COM 3700 Week 7 Conflict Emotion and Change

COM 3700 Week 7 Conflict, Emotion, and Change

How can Annie and Zoe effectively resolve their conflict and achieve a win-win outcome?

In order to reach a win-win situation and resolve their conflict, Annie and Zoe can take several steps. It is important for Zoe to recognize that her display of annoyance towards Annie being the project lead is a way of expressing her emotions. 

When someone shows annoyance or jealousy towards another person’s position, it often elicits a response from people, which can further fuel negative emotions and potentially escalate the conflict. By understanding this dynamic, Zoe can be mindful of how her emotions affect the situation and make a conscious effort to manage them constructively.

Annie, on the other hand, demonstrated maturity by not allowing Zoe’s emotions to affect her. She chose to ignore Zoe’s annoyance and refrain from engaging in a deeper confrontation. This was the right approach because if Annie had reacted negatively to Zoe’s emotions, it could have worsened the situation and created more tension between them. Annie’s ability to maintain composure and not let Zoe’s behavior affect her own actions is commendable.

COM 3700 Week 7 Conflict Emotion and Change

However, Annie seems concerned that Zoe might seek revenge for her lack of participation and being ignored. It is important for Annie to recognize that any potential payback from Zoe would not be a result of Annie’s actions, but rather a reflection of Zoe’s desire to be the center of attention and her need to assert control. Zoe’s behavior might stem from a personal trait that she has yet to fully address or overcome. Annie should not take Zoe’s potential actions personally, as they are likely driven by Zoe’s own motivations and insecurities.

To reach a win-win situation, both Annie and Zoe need to let go of any feelings of resentment and entitlement. Zoe must understand that not every situation revolves around her and that compromise is necessary for effective collaboration. She should strive to engage with her colleagues and be open to sharing responsibilities and projects in the office. By doing so, Zoe can foster a more positive work environment and reduce conflicts with her peers.

COM 3700 Week 7 Conflict Emotion and Change

Annie, on the other hand, could benefit from practicing assertiveness in appropriate situations. While it is important to consider the potential consequences of speaking up, there are instances where voicing concerns or standing up for oneself is necessary. Annie should carefully evaluate each situation and determine the best course of action to protect her own interests and ensure a fair and harmonious working relationship with Zoe.

In summary, resolving the conflict between Annie and Zoe requires both individuals to let go of negative emotions and adopt a more constructive approach. Zoe should manage her emotions and recognize that her annoyance towards Annie is not productive. 

Annie should not worry about potential payback from Zoe but focus on maintaining her professionalism. By fostering open communication, compromise, and self-reflection, Annie, and Zoe can work towards a win-win situation where their conflict is resolved, and they can establish a positive and productive working relationship. COM 3700 Week 7 Conflict Emotion and Change


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