BIOL 2320 Week 1 Discussion

BIOL 2320 Week 1 Discussion

One of the key attributes of the scientific method is its impartiality. In an experimental context, personal biases among acquaintances can emerge, but the scientific method itself is designed to produce objective outcomes. Another crucial aspect is identifying whether a theory or hypothesis can be subjected to the scientific method, which means it must be capable of being disproven. Falsifiability is a prerequisite for scientific validity (Glozman, 2014).

Reproducibility is another hallmark of the scientific method. The ability to replicate experiments and observe consistent results holds significant importance. This process helps identify any inconsistencies in our work. A practical example of how the scientific method can be utilized to solve a problem can be illustrated by recalling a time when you learned something through trial and error. Consider the scenario of baking pastries, where the optimal baking time and temperature are uncertain. The scientific method would enable us to test various time durations and temperatures while documenting the outcomes. This iterative process would allow us to narrow down the ideal time and temperature for achieving the desired results. Conversely, ideas pertaining to supernatural beings cannot be tested using the scientific method. Despite abundant literature on such beings, the steps of the scientific method cannot be applied to this realm, rendering experiments impossible to test their existence (Lower, 2020). BIOL 2320 Week 1 Discussion


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