BHS 465 Topic 6 Regulatory Agency Assignment

BHS 465 Topic 6 Regulatory Agency Assignment

Regulatory Agency Assignment

We’ll then be valued professionals in the field that have been reported or cited for wrongdoing. Secondly, we will describe the situation in which their professional let’s see if I complain. Thirdly, Google identified if their report was due to failure to do a commodity that she or he should have done. Incipiently, I’ll partake in my studies about the violation and how hard or easy they are to make, or if the clinician was simply responsible and what they did.


Cheryl has a License as a clinical psychologist which came to be active in 2002; her license number is 071006399. Also, it is effective 07/from 07/2018 until 09/30/2020. In this case, they are professionals in the field. What is discipline due to malpractice, which involves rehearsing without a valid license while working as a psychologist in Midwest comforting and family remedy center? This event happened on September 1998 to October 2021. Correctional action comported of a rebuke, these happen in04/11/2002.

BHS 465 Topic 6 Regulatory Agency Assignment

This report was most affected due to our failure of the clinical psychologist to maintain her license validly; this report was affected due to a failure of the psychologist; she should have reported that her license was expired. I couldn’t keep working until she revalidated the license in order to avoid any possible reports on her train. I believe that this violation is easy to make; I also believe that this is one of the easiest violations that any professional in the field could make at any time.

This is because the professional might grow to get comfortable, and or she might be allowing that they can still work, and no one will notice until they’ve enough free time to revalidate their license. This is a responsible violation of the law of ethics; to the board, enter yourself as a professional in the field, whatever the deposit is.


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