BHS 465 Topic 5 Mandated Reporting Interview

BHS 465 Topic 5 Mandated Reporting Interview

Commanded Reporting Interview

In this coming assignment, I’ll be conducting an interview regarding command reporting Experience with the Department of Child Family Services, also known as the DCFS. Also, I’ll be participating in an assessment of my interview experience while including original dialogue or answering questions. Incipiently, I’ll partake in my studies and opinions concerning reporting and being a commanded journalist.

How did you make the report?

While canvassing Charles’s schoolteacher Peter in order to make the report, he communicated with the Department of Child Family Services through the phone to report the present situation that he was chancing himself in.

What did you report?

Charles shared that he reported the event of a worried child whom he used to work with; the event was described as his mama casting Charles’s wrist in an uncomfortable position and a cancer Childs’s will while being verbally berated. “The incident (as much as I can flash back it now, it’s been many times) was that the child’s mama seized the child’s wrists and twisted them in an uncomfortable position and held the position against his will while verbally berating the child” (CharlesMc., 2021).

BHS 465 Topic 5 Mandated Reporting Interview

What type of report did you make?

Coming Charles reported the situation over the phone directly to Child Protective Services; how did you feel when you realized you demanded to make a report? Also, he participated with me. Also, he was concerned about his present situation due to the commanded report that he had to file, And he was stewing about his job, his safety, the way that the family looks at him as a professional, and the fear of the child being affected by a traumatic experience. “spooked, substantially.

I was hysterical about if I made the report, and if there was enough substantiation to probe, that the parents would suspect or know it was me (despite knowing that journalists’ individualities are defended and nonpublic information), and that would affect my relationship with the family. I was also hysterical that if they believed it was me that they would ask for me to be removed from that child’s case, and that 1.) The unforeseen junking off of his case would be traumatic for him, and 2.) That whomever I was replaced with wouldn’t believe the child or cover him in the future. I was also hysterical that, knowing what I knew about child defense service (as I was in the academy and taking classes about child weal services at the time) that nothing would believe my report or the report of my child( both because all we had were verbal reports and also, sorely, because the child is autistic).

BHS 465 Topic 5 Mandated Reporting Interview

I was also veritably concerned that his parents would no way know that how they’d conducted had really affected their child in a negative way, and they would no way get any kind of coffers or help in chancing more applicable ways to connect and communicate with their child (as I didn’t suppose they were bad or unloving parents, and desperately wanted them to be suitable to have safer, more applicable druthers)” (CharlesMc., 2021).How important time did you have for the identification need of reporting and reporting? Charles believed the identification need of reporting and reporting took about two days before the report was submitted.

How important time did your state keep you to report?

In this question child expressed confusion and not being sure of the procedure and what was going to be; he also participated that he tried to Google the time frame moment he could find information regarding his case, but he only found a common report, which needs to be communicated between persons filing within 48 hours. “That would be a really good thing to know, and I do not actually know. I tried to Google it but could only find that if it’s a common report, it needs to be communicated between persons filing within 48 hours.” CharlesMc., 2021).

BHS 465 Topic 5 Mandated Reporting Interview

Have you ever stressed retaliation? What do you do when you feel retaliation?

During this question, Within the interview, Charles expressed that this was his primary fear; I am while explaining he also participated that a colleague had heard the child’s verbal report and had gotten evidence from an administrator. This administrator, who didn’t partake his name, told him Pater it was both Charlie’s and his colleague’s decision to do in their report while telling them that they were going to be safe and supported in whichever way they demanded after the report came to action.

Charles also stated this discussion with the administrator helped him manage his fear and that the safety of the child was formerly more important than his particular comfort. “The fear of retaliation from the family was the primary fear. My colleague and I, who had heard the child’s verbal report, had gotten evidence from our administrator that it was our decision and that we were safe and supported by her whichever way. We also knew it was illegal to fire notoriety for making a good faith report. I helped manage my fear by reminding myself that this child’s safety is much more important than my comfort” (Charles Mc, 2021).

BHS 465 Topic 5 Mandated Reporting Interview

Interview Experience

Trying to find an interview experience and the proper person to solicit important information is really delicate within this current time, the global situation of COVID-19, and the current relief also the country is having; it was really delicate to gain an interview when anybody because of our work hours, and in the utmost of the places, installations, centers, in services that were reserved and I had little to no time to ask my questions for the interview. Well, I had many calls, but they ended up with this clerk telling me that the professionals in the field had no time for scholars, externships, training, or interviews. This was delicate.

Summary and Studies

“My colleague and I, who had heard the child’s verbal report, had gotten evidence from our administrator that it was our decision and that we were safe and supported by her whichever way” (CharlesMc., 2021). This comment made me worry and feel suspicious; it made me suppose (why would an administrator would tell their workers that it was over to them to report the situation and do the commanded report) a commanded report is commanded, and a commanded journalist is commanded to report a certain situation, This is why I couldn’t understand why the administrator would give Charles and his colleague a choice to report it or not, and in the case that they would make the report, the administrator stated that they would be supported.

This was one of my biggest concerns regarding the whole interview; I believe that the administrator understands that the report is “commanded” and there’s an obligation to the report both for the administrator and Charles; this wasn’t supposed to be, and I hope that the administrator understands this at some point, this will help him on his career and profile.


Charles McDowell,( 2021). Registered geste technician, TA. Total Spectrum Care.

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