BHS 440 Topic 6 The Border Crisis of 2019

BHS 440 Topic 6 The Border Crisis of 2019

Crisis Explained

The United States has always had a problem with people smuggling into the country. Still, in 2019 there was a shift in the number of settlers that were caught. During this time, further than 2,000 settlers were restrained per day at the Southern border (CITATION DHS19 l 1033). When compared to the former time, this redounded in a 97 increase in captures made (CITATION DHS19 l 1033). still, this isn’t what redounded in what’s known as the border extremity. The extremity was created when there were so numerous children that were captured and forced to sleep on the bottom because of overcrowding( CITATION Sav21 l 1033). This essay will bandy the cerebral trauma that this has caused as well as view the extremity (CITATION Hea18 l 1033) in all depth.

Cerebral Trauma

A series of gests that change the way the brain functions is called cerebral trauma. The border extremity has given numerous children cerebral damage due to the living situations that the children are forced into. First, the children are separated from their parents and family. Psychologists studied cases of separation and discovered that with longer separation from parents, the more likely the child is to develop severe anxiety and depression CITATION Hea18 l 1033).

BHS 440 Topic 6 The Border Crisis of 2019

Tearing piecemeal, the only bond that a child knows to put in with other children that they don’t know can beget some damage. Studies have shown that family separation is in the same position of trauma as beating and torture (CITATION Hea18 l 1033). Also, the children are left with no playroom or toys. This results in children acting out to get attention. Still, due to strict programs, there’s a no-touching rule( CITATION Hea18 l 1033). Thus, these children haven’t felt the touch of their family in months, conceivably times.

Numerous of these children may suffer from effects similar to post-traumatic stress complaint, attachment problems, generalized anxiety, and complex trauma( CITATION Hea18 l 1033). After the child’s release, preceptors also report the children having increased behavioral problems (CITATION Hea18 l 1033). This could be because of the unrecoverable damage that this stress has done to them. They could end up having problems like superintendent functions tasks, working memory, and cognitive inflexibility (CITATION Hea18 l 1033). Still, there are numerous ways that this is considered an extremity situation.

BHS 440 Topic 6 The Border Crisis of 2019

Crisis Situation

An extremity is a particular situation in which one is suddenly overwhelmed and doubtful of what to do. This describes the border extremity because of the lack of medication that they had for the events that took place in 2019. still, first one must look at how the extremity came to be, to begin with. The extremity is one that numerous saw coming for a while; still, it only spiked after the Trump administration released the “Remain in Mexico” policy. This forced over 70,000 people to stay in Mexican border metropolises until theirU.S. Court date (CITATION Isa l 1033).

Which in turn made those metropolises overflow with settlers. This didn’t stop in 2019, however. Just in February of this time, 9,297 lonely children were restrained (CITATION Isa l). These advents are continuing to increase as the Biden administration refuses to turn down lonely children in expedients for a better life. Since taking office beforehand this time, President Biden has handed exigency sanctum capacity due to the overflow of children coming through CITATION (Isa l 1033).

BHS 440 Topic 6 The Border Crisis of 2019

The big question also would be why are there so numerous lonely children coming into theU.S. this time? There are two countries from which these children are coming, Guatemala and Honduras, both of which are still suffering from two record-breaking hurricanes( CITATION Isa l 1033).


To conclude, the border extremity has brought on cerebral trauma in numerous children that are being separated from their families. These children could be suffering from a variety of stress diseases due to this and should be treated as similar. Still, without the proper people to take care of these children, there are going to be destructive issues. Thus, there needs to be more detailed planning when it comes to what to do for these children. There should also be a set quantum of remedy hours after they’re released from guardianship and back into civilization. This will help them better transition into American society and have someone thereto talk to if they’re demanded.


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