BHS 320 Topic 2 Emerging issues in Brain Technology

BHS 320 Topic 2 Emerging issues in Brain Technology

Arising Issues In Brain Technology

Imagine you or a loved one having a habitual complaint that causes the neurons in the brain that produce dopamine to die. In doing this the body’s movements are frequently affected along with non motor symptoms similar as depression, anxiety, memory loss, and visions. Though there is no cure for this complaint. There is a way to palliate symptoms and slow symptoms. Deep brain stimulation is frequently used for cases that have Parkinson’s complaint. Immorally this will allow cases to keep their quality and have a better quality of life.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep brain stimulation isn’t for everyone, the healthcare platoon will decide if it’ll be salutary for the case. The procedure is done by placing electrodes deep inside the case’s brain in order to deliver the electrical impulses. This procedure has numerous advantages similar as minimum damage to the brain, symptoms of stiffness and temblors are frequently reduced, and dropped need for drug and each treatment is personalized for each case (Editorial Team, 2017). There are also downsides to deep brain stimulation.

BHS 320 Topic 2 Emerging issues in Brain Technology

It’s invasive and cases are frequently awake while the procedure is being done. Though it helps reduce some symptoms, those that are associated with levodopa are frequently innocent. As with any procedure, there are pitfalls of surgical side goods like bleeding, stroke, infection, or fluid on the brain. It’s frequently precious, and the results can take up to several months to see the results.

Author’s opinion/ conclusion

According to Cagnan et al. Notes that the results vary from person to person and the long- term efficacy of this treatment in other cases has not been studied nearly, but it works well for PD. There have been recent failures when it has been used for other issues similar as madness and epilepsy. There have been advancements made to these styles in order to serve better with complaint circuits (2019). The new patterns of stimulation are promising and allow access to new perceptivity of the brain including structure, function, and circuit dynamics that will allow for a better understanding of the inner workings therefore allowing newer styles to be developed.

Particular Opinion

I feel that giving people the stylish quality of life is always going to be the correct option. That being said, this may not mean that this is the right or stylish choice for people to use. Meaning, is drug and or remedy going to help? The less invasive route is presumably the way I would go for myself or my children. That being said if my mama’s quality of life was deteriorated by a complaint similar as PD and her care platoon felt that it was the stylish way to help her manage her symptoms, I would allow for it. Like with any procedure it’ll take time to develop and ameliorate the styles that are being used.

BHS 320 Topic 2 Emerging issues in Brain Technology

This will allow them to understand the side goods and know how to deal with them more. This technology could come useful in the future if they’re suitable to pinpoint how to have DBS help with other internal diseases in the future. This could help people control their symptoms of PTSD, depression, ADHA or, indeed epilepsy. At this time these tests have failed but by studying the brain and figuring out electrode placement these goods of these common, yet occasionally fatal issues could be resolved.


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