ARTS 2001C WEEK 5 Photographic Series Final Project

ARTS 2001C Week 5 Photographic Series Final Project

Beautiful Sunrise

For my photographic series, I focused on the idea of remaining calm after facing challenges in life. I believe everyone has gone through rough times, and each photo in my series has a personal meaning that reflects this idea. In week 1, as an assistant coach, I had to remain composed when the umpire made bad calls during a game, and the girls on the team wanted to give up. We managed to win the game after encouraging them to keep fighting. In week 2, my puppy was tragically killed by other dogs, and the photo captures a moment when she was looking inside through the window. In week 3, a day after my puppy’s death, I went out for lunch with my coworker and her kids, and I took a photo that reminds me of the comfort of friendship during difficult times. In week 4, after talking to the owner of the other dogs, things were not going well, but the motion of the quarters in the photo kept me calm. Finally, in week 5, I captured a beautiful sunrise the day after Hurricane Michael hit, which symbolizes the calm that follows a storm.

ARTS 2001C Week 5 Photographic Series Final Project

Through my photographic series, I hope viewers can find inspiration and encouragement to remain calm during tough situations in their own lives. It is essential to keep a level head to achieve the results we desire. As Freeman (2013) states, understanding composition and design is vital for creating powerful photographs that convey meaning and emotion. ARTS 2001C Week 5 Photographic Series Final Project

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