APMT 460 Assessment 2 Cyber Communication Awareness Log

APMT 460 Assessment 2 Cyber Communication Awareness Log

Workplace security and tracking

I held various positions while working for Domino’s for a while. The delivery driver was one of these jobs. During my time working there, a new security policy was put into place that required drivers to be tracked using an app on their phone or a store phone if they checked it out, but they had to be tracked nonetheless. 

The percentage of the battery in the phone, the amount of time spent using the phone, the location of the driver and their phone, their speed, the amount of time it will take to return to the store from the delivery, the driver’s name, and the route they will take were the data that were collected. There were numerous individuals who approached this data, the clients approached the driver’s area and assessed the season of appearance as well as their name, the store had all of the data however just effectively showed select data since the entire store would have the option to see it, and obviously, the organization approached the data.

APMT 460 Assessment 2 Cyber Communication Awareness Log

This was a problem for many drivers because they didn’t want to be followed so closely and certainly not by so many people. Another issue was that they would have rather not utilized their own telephones yet the store needed more telephones for each of the drivers so some of them needed to download the application and they accepted it was gathering individual information off of their telephone and offering it to outsider people. 

Both the managers and I were aware of these concerns, but our options were limited by the company’s and our supervisors’ budgets. Since we didn’t have representatives under 18 as drivers there was no requirement for a strategy where minors were involved. Also, when you were done utilizing the application or administration it didn’t follow you or gather any information.

APMT 460 Assessment 2 Cyber Communication Awareness Log

Many drivers were affected by this because they were more careful and efficient in their deliveries. On the off chance that we had a driver that sped a ton, we would need to recommend dialing back and so forth. The clients loved the way they had the option to follow their conveyances and see where they were in the vicinity. We also had significantly fewer collisions with our drivers. In any case, this didn’t prevent the drivers from being unglued about their protection being penetrated or being followed. A few drivers didn’t appear to mind yet others minded massively. Because I was overly aware of how carelessly people were driving out there and were unwilling to risk it for the sake of others, it made me drive more cautiously both on and off the clock. 

I really do accept that this strategy was justified and great for the organization. It increased delivery efficiency while maintaining the safety of the drivers. The only drawbacks were that drivers disliked being tracked and customers became agitated when they could clearly see their food sitting there when we were behind schedule. I accept the organization ought to have more telephones accessible for the drivers so they don’t need to involve their own telephones for business matters.

APMT 460 Assessment 2 Cyber Communication Awareness Log

Ads and personal information Everyone has been the victim of data collection at some point. Virtual entertainment and the web gathers information to compare commercials to your particular necessities. I recall when I was via virtual entertainment much more that I would continually have ads for things that I would be looking for whether that be for my own requirements, my family, my companions, or, wondering for no specific reason. 

My friends and I were in high school and had access to a new phone, so we would always check to see how far the internet would go to collect data and whether it would be listening in on our conversations. Oddly enough, we’d occasionally have an advertisement or two about what we were talking about. Whether or not that was a coincidence, I’ll let you decide.

There are numerous individuals who would have access to this data, but I believe the highest bidder would be the one. When advertisements reach the right people at the right times and in the right places, they perform best. No matter how good or bad your product is, consumers will buy it if you get enough people to see your advertisement. At the point when I was noticeably on applications that had ads, I found that Facebook had the most promotions that organized what I was looking for in my web-based information.

APMT 460 Assessment 2 Cyber Communication Awareness Log

 I totally loathed the way that anybody had the option to gather my information. When you get a new app, it will ask if you want to give it to someone or collect it, and you can choose to deny or accept. If you accidentally selected the wrong option or change your mind later, you can change it in the setting menu. In any case, I felt that it was such an attack of protection and that I had eyes and ears on me consistently, it was anything but a charming inclination.

There are a few standards and strategies that preclude the assortment of information from minors however they are not very much managed and are principally on games rather than the web. There isn’t a lot you can do to hold individuals back from gathering information and sending notices arranged to you your way however you can safeguard yourself by perusing each term and understanding prior to with the exception of, having a png set up, and never confiding in a problematic site or application. There is no way to remove information from the internet once it is there.

Knowing all of this I take extraordinary consideration in ensuring that my family and I are protected both on the web and disconnected. Tapping on some unacceptable promotion or committing a critical monetary error could represent the moment of truth for our family so we take extraordinary consideration in our internet-based presence. We use virtual private networks (VPNs) to ensure that everyone who enters is well-versed in internet safety. APMT 460 Assessment 2 Cyber Communication Awareness Log

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