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We were founded by an Autistic Native American. Ms. Whitaker grew up in a time when there were not many options to consider in deciding which after school program is best. As a high performing special needs high school student, our owner was sent to the local elementary during school to hopefully have a great impact on other special need students. Through her love of it, the future of Ace My Course foundation appeared.

Due to this, we are primarily known for our unique excellence in tutoring special needs students who have all shown improvement over time in our program. As our owner had accounting and business expertise, we were designed, upon successful research, to fill all areas of need for tutoring that had not been met.

We gained a lot of popularity due to our accommodation to each person's needs. We will always add a new program for a subject that is not listed, and design personalized lesson plans. We have received recognition in 2015 for being the Top Tutoring Service in the State due to our unique programs that include many types no other tutoring service, known by the state, provides.

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Our owner grew in times when tutoring was not common. At the time, parents had to make higher income than the norm to afford it. At the time, parents were more involved, with tutoring being a last result. Due to the different culture, there only a few option in tutoring services. As an Autistic student at the time, Ms. Whitaker was one of the many who were placed in special needs with the idea of "just getting them through school." Ms. Whitaker, among many peers, made honor roll multiple times but were constantly being told by teachers they will not make it to the next grade. Through determination, she, among others, ended up not just graduating high school, but graduating college and going to graduate school.